Kash Doll and Omarion

Kash Doll Shoots Her Shot At Omarion With A Fake Marriage Announcement—Says They’re “Happily Engaged”

Roommates, Kash Doll has decided to shoot her shot at Omarion in a major way—and hopefully manifest a husband in the process. Kash Doll took to social media to profess her love for Omarion by announcing their “engagement” in a post she wrote on Twitter.

In case you needed a reminder, Kash Doll has had a crush on Omarion for quite some time. Just last year, she publicly expressed her love for him that dates back to childhood, according to her. So, it wasn’t exactly a surprise to her fans when she reminded them of her huge crush with a simple tweet—however, it was what she tweeted that caused a bit of a stir.

Apparently, (if you decide to believe her) Kash Doll and Omarion are currently “happily engaged.” In her latest effort to manifest a happily ever after with Omarion, Kash Doll made it clear that marriage is on her mind. She tweeted, “Me and Omarion is happily engaged,” on Twitter. That tweet has since been deleted, but it was up long enough for many to get wind of how she’s feeling about O these days.

Currently, there is no evidence that the two are even dating—and they probably are not based on Omarion’s stance on relationships. You’ll recall his absolutely messy situation with his baby mama Apryl Jones and B2K bandmate Fizz, which caused him to publicly state he was taking a break from relationships for a while.


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