Jane Seymour played the lead role "Dr.  Quinn, medicine woman" from 1993 to 1998. (Photo: Bill Reitzel / © CBS / courtesy Everett Collection)

Jane Seymour, 69, says she never said she could play 25

Did you hear the one about Jane Seymour, 69, who said she could play someone who is 25?

Seymour herself clarifies in a new interview with Yahoo Entertainment that a quote attributed to her last week was inaccurate.

While the headline for a story in the London Times read: “Jane Seymour: I could play someone who was 25 years old – and I had no surgery,” she questions that description.

“Let’s just get the record straight: I didn’t say that,” says the Wedding Crashers actress.

Seymour recalls having had a conversation with the director of her upcoming TV series Glow and Darkness. They talked about flashbacks in which their character was much younger.

“I said,” Well, you know, if you think I can, then you can do all that digital stuff, that’s fine, “says Seymour.” The director told me two days ago that he didn’t want to for someone else to play the other scenes. Unbeknownst to me, he shot another girl that Monday before I ever did. I said, “Oh, that’s weird.” I never said I should play 25. Indeed, on many, many occasions [I] told him I thought this was probably a stupid idea. “

The truth is that Seymour usually looks impressively fit and alive regardless of her age. She attributes that to more than good genes.

“It’s about healthy living. It’s about taking good vitamins. It’s about drinking lots of water. It’s about having a positive attitude, ”says Seymour. “Everything in moderation. I suppose that’s my mantra. “

No doubt, that’s why it can hold the same weight for years. What’s impressive is that she still fits into some of her old costumes, many of which she has kept.

Jane Seymour played in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. (Photo: Bill Reitzel / © CBS / courtesy Everett Collection)

“I break them out and absolutely wear them,” reveals Seymour. “I have … Gosh, I wore clothes from [1986 TV mini-series] Transitions that [costume designer] Nolan Miller has created for the red carpet on many occasions. “

The story goes on

She also has a look from her ’90s drama Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, thrown in a quick Halloween costume.

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