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GMP, subscription status, other details

Chemplast Sanmar’s IPO: After the public issue has subscribed 26 percent after the bidding on the second day, it expects a new dynamic in its subscription, while the gray market is already signaling the expected premium that can be expected from this first offer. Chemplast Sanmar IPO GMP is today 28 and market watchers expect the gray market premium to continue growing, as there is still a full day left for bidding. Market experts have also tagged this public edition with the “subscribe” tag.

Here we list important details about Chemplast Sanmar’s IPO:

– Chemplast Sanmar IPO GMP

Chemplast Sanmar shares are priced at a premium of. acted 28 on the gray market. According to market observers, the gray market premium of the Chemplast Sanmar IPO should go north, as there is still one day left for bidding. However, observers also claimed that its highly risky initial offer, as 66 percent of the money raised by this public issue will go into the pockets of the company’s founders. This means that only 34 percent of the money raised by the public offering goes to the company.

– Chemplast Sanmar IPO subscription status

After two bid days, the public issue was subscribed to 26 percent or 0.26 times. This public issue will be offered until tonight.

– Expert opinion

Speech on the IPO of Chemplast Sanmar; Saurabh Joshi, Research Analyst at Marwadi Shares and Finance Limited, said: “Given adjusted earnings per share for fiscal year 21 of The company will be 25.95 on a post-issue basis at a PER of 20.85 with a market capitalization of. note 85,537 million, while its rivals PI Industries and SRF trade at 61.16 and 37.26 P / E ratios, respectively. We are assigning a subscription rating (with caution) to this IPO as the company is well positioned to capture favorable industry momentum. However, the negative net asset value combined with higher trade payables means that we remain cautious in the longer term.

– Chemplast Sanmar IPO price band

The price range of the public issue was fixed at 530 tons 541 per share.

– Chemplast Sanmar IPO grant date

The provisional date for the initial public offering of Chemplast Sanmar is August 18, 2021.

– Chemplast Sanmar goes public

The preliminary date for Chemplast Sanmar’s listing on Indian Stock Exchanges is August 24, 2021. Chemplast Sanmar’s shares are listed on both the NSE and the BSE.

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