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Top Celebrities and Influencers Are Using New Platforms To Monetize Their Content!

Logan Paul, Travis Mills, Bryce Hall, Fousey, Tanner Fox, AJ Catanzaro and others are making big bucks these days thanks to a new content monetization platform called Subify!

Logan’s Maverick Club, for example, describes itself as “We’re serious when we say this is one of the most intimate team experiences in the world. From exclusive, unabridged content to real life …” US dollars in revenue User since its inception, giving Logan direct access to his fans and they to him.

Behind these celebrity / influencer communities are Subify co-founders Zak Folkman and Chase Hero. The two developed the Subify technology and platform to enable these celebrities to customize platforms for themselves and content with no advertising, no content restrictions, no demonetization and no shadow bans like on other platforms.

We spoke exclusively with Zak Folkman about how his Subify platform has gained traction, attracting countless celebrities who are taking their content off Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Facebook and building their own communities with Subify powering them in the background.

1. Content monetization is massive among celebrities right now. What does your platform bring for well-known personalities who want to make money?

We believe that the traditional model of monetizing content is flawed. Currently, fans are forced to interact with their favorite creators and celebrities through third-party apps that offer a very limited experience. Fans who want to pay for more access have no way of doing this. Additionally, unlike traditional social media apps, we don’t push users to any other aggregator of content creators. Instead, our technology enables developers to launch their own fully customized platform. We also don’t have strict content guidelines like YouTube, which dictates what YouTubers can and can’t post. Since we don’t have a strict content policy, there’s no risk our YouTubers will be dismantled for what they post. What they get is an ecosystem that is an extension of their brand for their fans and followers to engage in in an uninterrupted, unfiltered, and more meaningful way that they can’t find anywhere else.

2. How has Subify helped people like Logan Paul, Travis Mills, and Bryce Hall?

By giving developers like Logan Paul, Bryce Hall, and Travis Mills the ability to monetize their content directly to consumers, they’re finally getting paid fairly for the value of their content. Plus, they’re no longer held back by limited reach and algorithms that dictate which of their fans will actually see their content. If you have 1 million followers on Instagram or 1 million subscribers on Youtube, it is very unlikely that everyone will even know, let alone see, that you have posted new content. This is because these platforms determine who your content is presented to. At Subify, we have 100 percent penetration, which means that as soon as you post new content, all of your subscribers will be notified so they know they’re coming and checking it out. Combined with the fact that we don’t impose any content policies, we make sure that all content is properly viewed and monetized. This not only brings in more money for our YouTubers, but also creates a better experience for their fans who want unfiltered and undiluted access to their favorite stars and YouTubers. We also empower them to run contests, sell exclusive member-only merchandise, and live private streams, resulting in deeper, more meaningful interactions with their core audiences. That means more access for fans and more money for YouTubers.

3. Assuming I’m a big celebrity, what would be the next steps to monetize my name and audience with your platform?

Contact our team and let’s create your own Subify platform!

4. Where do you see future trends in celebrity engagement and platforms? Completed

One thing is certain. Whatever today’s hot social media app is not going to be tomorrow’s hot app. We saw how Facebook was replaced by Instagram, and Instagram was replaced by TikTok. However, one thing that remains consistent is the creators. Because of this, we believe that YouTubers have the future when you have all of your fans in your own branded ecosystem. Rather than trying to move fans from one platform to the next, creators should focus on having their own unique experience that their fans can trust is the best place to connect with their favorite celebrity or creator .

5. Who – in terms of celebrity / brand – do you think they are “crushing” on social media and among their fans these days? Completed

There are a lot of people who are crushing it right now. Logan Paul is obviously a perfect example. Not only does he set the bar extremely high when it comes to content creation at his Maverick Club, where he creates exclusive vlogs of around 20 minutes each week, but he does exciting things to keep boxing front and center to move. You can see how he created an entire industry around celebrity boxing events that we think will only keep growing and getting more attention.

6. What general tips would you give celebrities looking to grow their online following? Completed

Focus on engaging your audience and providing them with unique experiences. The more you can get them to invest in you and your journey, the longer they will follow you, the more attention you will get from them, and the more they will ultimately want to go with you on this journey.

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