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From children’s series to the world: the seven celebrities who tried their luck abroad and were successful

National youth productions were great seedbeds for actors. Over time and through perseverance and work, many managed to break away from their characters in order to make a name for themselves. They did television, theater and film and although they were recognized figures in the local scene, they were suddenly absent to try your luck abroad. They worked and became known in Latin America and Europe. They have no roof and have dared everything: the export stars.

Santiago Stieben, from Cris Morena to Disney

He became famous as part of Chiquititas in 2000 and everyone remembers him for his character Roña. From then on he never stopped: he alternated theater projects with television projects. Eight years later, he joined Disney Channel for Latin America, where he not only acted but also directed a section interviewing well-known directors and Hollywood greats.

“I am very grateful to be able to live all these enriching experiences, which not only remain for the curriculum, but are also present in my thoughts,” said Stieben in an interview with TN Show.

In 2016 he was part of O11CE, a children’s and youth flick that caused a sensation among football-loving boys. There he played Vitto Voltaglio, the personable sports coach of the Los Halcones Dorados team. The series was broadcast in more than 45 countries.

Despite his trajectory, the pandemic hit him and surprised him when he asked for a job on LinkedIn. In a dialogue with this medium he had commented that he had an important project last year, the School of Rock at the Opera House and two days before the start of rehearsals fell to the pandemic.

Today Signals is rehearsing a play that they will put on in a theater in the Villa Crespo; is pre-producing a video clip, the Mechi Lambre – a participant in Violetta – and he’s in talks about a miniseries he can’t talk about yet, but which he assured will be incredible.

Coco Maggio, from Rebelde Way to fame on Peruvian television

In 2001 he made his debut as part of the cast of Chiquititas, where he played Francisco. Then he was in Rebelde Way and Floricienta. However, to his acting career, he added the title of journalist.

“Without the Rebelde Way there would be no Coco in Peru,” he told Teleshow. Two years before he suggested driving Combat in Lima, the following year he directed Dream Factory, a cycle that fulfilled the wishes of the audience, and later was part of the cast of cumbia-pop.

As a lover of adventure tourism and sports, he usually travels to different parts of the world. In the midst of the pandemic and faced with the inability to leave the country, he led a series of lives with Micaela Vázquez, his former partner and girlfriend. From home, Coco and Mica received thousands of views on YouTube. Enjoy the beaches of Mexico these days.

Nicolás Maiques, reality show winner and star in Peru

He took his first steps in advertising, then came to television, but became famous in Floricienta, where he played one of the brothers of “El Freezer” (Juan Gil Navarro).

The strip reached Peru and Nicolás achieved the same popularity as Argentina. So he decided to settle where he continued his acting career.

Last year he took part in The Kings of Playback, un reality like a your face is known to me and won two editions in a row and established himself as a big star.

Laura Esquivel, star in Italy

She made theater and some television appearances that made her the protagonist of Ugly Duckling. This gave him great visibility all over the world and after touring Europe he conquered the Italian audience. There he acted in two films – A Paradise for Two and Natale in South Africa. The following year he was part of the cast of Maktub, a Spanish film, and then hosted the Show Tour Tour Tour.

In 2013 he returned to the country where he worked on “I Know Your Face”. But parallel to her artistic career, which includes an acting and musical facet, Laura studied speech therapy. Now he is waiting for the premiere of Maradona: Blessed Dream, the Amazon series in which, as a young man, he will play nothing more and nothing less than Claudia Villafañe.

Brenda Asnicar: The success of “Cumbia Ninja” in Colombia

In 2001 he took his first steps in the artistic world as part of Cantaniño. Since then he went through several cycles until in 2007 he led the group of “Las divinas” in Ugly Duckling. The novel captured audiences in different parts of the world, and Brenda achieved international popularity. I work for Nickelodeon and Telemundo, among others, until it reached Cumbia Ninja in 2013 with Fox.

The series was a success and he lived in Colombia for several years. She fell in love and married a businessman little was known about because he wasn’t interested in the media. Eventually they split and he returned to Argentina, where he played I am Gilda: Loving Is A Miracle, the series. He also relies on his other passion: music, which he keeps reinventing himself.

Eva de Dominici, installed in Los Angeles

In 2006 he joined the line-up of Chiquititas. From then on, he took part in several series until he left the boys’ cast in 2012 to be part of Sweet love, We are family and The Rich Don’t Ask For Permission, among others.

He appeared in films where he made blood in his mouth, The Last Party and You Won’t Sleep, and starred in “Centavito,” a video clip with Romeo Santos.

In 2018 she began a relationship with the Spanish singer Eduardo Cruz, the brother of Penélope Cruz. Apart from acting, she became a mother of Cairo in October 2019 and has lived in Los Angeles, USA since then. He returned to the ring last year with a participation in Hawai 5.0 and took part in Cosmic Sin, a science fiction film starring Bruce Willis and Frank Grillo.

Lali Espósito, from a false occupation to international conquest

She was ten years old when she found out there was an audition for boys and was accompanied by her sister. They left as a group but got off badly and accidentally ended up in the private casting that Cris Morena’s production company was doing. “After a week they call me at home, my mother will find out. What happened was there were two auditions two blocks away, I went to the other and I fell in love with Cris, “he said in an interview.

From then on, Lali never stopped. He starred in novels and films, but in addition to acting projects, he also ventured into music, where he conquered national and international audiences and sang with the best. Last year she was one of the protagonists of Sky Red, the Netflix series that hit the streaming platform this year, and is now a jury member for The Argentine Voice.

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