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Debbie Harry’s Emotional Birthday Celebration | Celebrities

Debbie Harry was “very emotional” at her 76th birthday party.

Blondie’s front woman celebrated a special day with friends earlier this month, admitting that after spending time in isolation from a coronavirus pandemic, it’s finally “great” to meet her friends in person. I did.

She describes her “little party” as follows: I was very impressed and emotional about it.

“It was great just being able to hug my friends and eat.”

Hitmaker “Hanging on the Telephone” mourns several friends, including producer Hal Willner, after he died of COVID-19.

She told The Sun, “Tragically, I lost a few people to the virus.

“That includes Hal Willner, one of the most talented musicians of all time.”

Debbie is grateful that New York had such a strong leadership, as he recalled that “New York’s stats were mind-boggling in the early stages of the pandemic”.

She says, “I am very grateful that Governor Cuomo is broadcast every night and is powerful, encouraging and honest.

“I was very lucky that he faced the Washington political empire. He fought for us, the city .. When he was totally afraid.

“My friend in London says it’s the same in the UK, but luckily some people could leave town and move to a higher location.”

Hitmaker “Call Me” returned to the city’s Battery Park stage last month, a special moment for the star.

She says, “This is the day the maskman date was cut and I will never forget that feeling.

“It was only 7 or 8 songs, but it was very meaningful to me.”

Meanwhile, despite her advanced age, Debbie has no plans to retire.

She says, “It’s important to be creative and keep this part of the brain moving as we get older.

“I just want to feel this aspect of life and somehow contribute to my own well-being. Music is my life force.

“And with so much support from my family, friends and fans, I can’t think of any other way. What else would you do? Become a racing driver? “

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