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DarkPulse Inc. (OTCMKTS: DPLS) stock is consolidating after its recent jump

DarkPulse Inc. (OTCMKTS: DPLS) is moving in a row after a big jump. The technology company has signed two purchase agreements that complete the acquisition of Wildlife Specialists LLC and Remote Intelligence LLC. The two companies together offer fully integrated geocorrected, drone-based, 3D-modeled representations for various industrial applications, inspection of critical infrastructures, border security, specialization in environmental studies and energy, and specialization in the oil and gas sector.

In addition, remote Intelligence offers unmanned flight solutions as part of its holistic intelligence services and advice. Its primary focus is on aerial drone systems that provide fast and comprehensive aerial inspection and location mapping services.

The company’s CEO, Dennis O’Leary, said the acquisitions, through its subsidiary Optilan, would add capabilities to its existing businesses and expand the service offering. He stated that Remote Intelligence enables platform integration with the company’s surveillance service through a drone-based “Eye in the Sky” solution and enables DarkPulse to improve its offerings for top customers. So it’s worth keeping an eye on DPLS in the coming weeks.

Market reaction:

On Monday, with more than 29.35 million shares, DPLS stock fell 2.60% to $ 0.1304, compared to an average volume of 109.39 million shares. The stock has moved in a range of $ 0.1250 to $ 0.1360 after opening trading at $ 0.1350.

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