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City checks electronic signs, transmission regulation | News, sports, jobs

The city council is expected tonight to investigate a company that could bring electronic signs to the city to provide guidance on how to prevent COVID-19 and generate revenue through advertising.

According to Skip Memmi, city director for community and economic development, the program would be paid for the use of $ 60,000 in community development bloc grants that would bring five signs of $ 12,000 each to the low- to middle-income neighborhoods.

Previous evidence suggests that some councilors do not support the use of the block grant funds for the signs, considering that many individuals use cell phones to get


Company representatives will be on hand to explain the benefits of the shield.

The Council is also expected to review a regulation on transferring funds from the general fund budget to pay for various projects.

The remittance is primarily related to the $ 64,000 change order for the setup costs of the video scoreboard at Muncy Bank Park in Historic Bowman Field.

Other transfer requests involve checking the accessibility of city-owned buildings other than City Hall, and the treasurer’s office is looking for an additional $ 10,000 in legal services related to more work on audits, and their advisors are doing in connection with obtaining additional business privileges and trade taxes .

Nicholas Grimes, the city’s treasurer, said the legal service or contract services for audit and legal services will be over budget for the year. Equipment costs can be carried over, he said.

“We had raised $ 70,000 through audits and gained some revenue for the city.” he said. “Another more than $ 70,000 trial in litigation.”

The council’s finance committee noted this week that the broadcasting regulation looks a bit trite.

“We can see if the contract service line item covers that in the future.” That said city councilor Liz Miele, chairwoman of the committee and vice-president of the council.

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