Christmas Gift Ideas For Friends – Holiday 2020

Thoughtful Holiday Gift Ideas For Friends

When it comes to Christmas gifts for your friends, you want something that’s functional and commemorates your special history together. Whether you’ve been friends since childhood or met at work, a heartfelt gift shows how much they mean to you. Our list of Christmas gift ideas for friends will help you be proud of the gifts you give.

From personalized notepads to luggage tags , we hope you find something for each special person in your life. Whether you’re looking for DIY Christmas ornaments or homemade goodies for Christmas, our list has it all.

1. Custom Pillow & Blanket

With a few simple steps, you can turn your favorite photographs into thoughtful Christmas gifts for your friends by creating custom pillows and blankets with your most cherished moments.

2. Mouse Pad

Who says work should be serious all the time? Dress up a coworker or friend’s desk with a custom mouse pad . Choose light-hearted or goofy photos, like snapshots of their cat or kids.

3. Bath Bombs Gift Set

┬áPut your feet up, throw in a bath bomb, and soak as though you’re at a lush spa! These bath bombs will excite your senses with the aroma of natural herbs and essential oils. Life’s stresses evaporate as you soak in the tub. Includes six scents and colours. A spa experience for stressed out friends!

4. Birthstone Wishing Balls

If you have ever wished upon a star or made new year’s resolutions, these birthstones wishing balls are the perfect gift for you or a friend. They come in a variety of different hues and designs with a hidden slot at the bottom where you can roll up and slip in your wishes and dreams.

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5. Custom You’re my Bestie Candle

Choose a candle for your bestie and create a customized message of love for him or her. Comes in various candle sizes, quantities, and fragrances. Your best friend will feel special and will think of you every time they light up the candle. An enlightening gift for a friend at any time of year!

6. PagePal Handmade Personal Book Assistant

Do your fingers get tired of holding down the pages of your book? The Pagepal helps to keep the pages down with your thumb. Made with beautiful walnut with a smooth exterior finish, and comes in two sizes for small or big thumbs. For your bibliophile friends, this is the perfect reading gift!

7. Oggi Bartender Accessories Set

Learning to be a world class bartender? This Oggi 4-piece Stainless Steel set of accessories is a great addition to your home bar. Includes a cocktail shaker, ice strainer, double jigger, and stir stick. Your parties will never be the same. Entertain your guests with the skills of a pro while preparing their drinks!

8. Personalized Shot Glasses

Have a friend who loves making margaritas or long islands? Give the gift of a personalized shot glass . Design your gift with favorite photos, messages or quotes. These are great to personalize for a newly married couple.

9. Herb Garden

Fill mason jars with scrumptious herbs like basil, mint and oregano. This indoor herb garden can rest on the kitchen’s windowsill easy for grabbing fresh ingredients while cooking dinner.

Wrapping Up

Our friends touch our lives and make our days more meaningful. They support us during the hard times and laugh with us when we need it most. Show your love and appreciation this Christmas season with a personalized gift that will last for years to come. Don’t forget to check out our collection of custom Christmas cards to send to your closest friends this holiday season.