(Screenshot: Christina Anstead via Instagram)

Christina Anstead defends herself against parental abusers, whom she describes as the “absent mother”.

Just because Christina Anstead’s Instagram timeline aren’t continuous photos of her kids doesn’t mean she’s not having a good time with them.

That was their message on Thursday when the flip or flop star used the social media platform to respond to parental abusers who they described as the “absent mother”. The timing of her post wasn’t accidental – just a few hours earlier, her estranged husband, Ant Anstead, from whom she filed for divorce this week, posted a photo of herself on the beach with 1-year-old Hudson.

Christina Anstead responds to critics who refer to her as an “absent mother” upon her divorce from Ant Anstead. (Screenshot: Christina Anstead via Instagram)

“This year has been incredibly isolating,” wrote Christina, who announced her split from Ant in September. “Activities like church, travel, dinner, movies, sports canceled. I no longer see my friends smiling faces on set (everyone covered in masks), it all feels like s ** t. So many changes for so many people. Despite what you see on Instagram, most people have problems. “

Christina continued, “When I was told that you must be an absent mother because you are not with your children.” [Smack my head.] Wake up people. I hardly ever post anymore … and I definitely don’t want to post my kids every damn day to make a contest to see who is a better parent Eltern [F**k] The. That doesn’t mean that I am not with my children – it means the opposite – I am with them – I am present. “

The story goes on

The HGTV star, who also has two children with ex-husband and flip or flop co-star Tarek El Moussa, concluded by writing, “So stop shaming parents, stop choosing sides when it is there is no side to choose from. My point is – if you see anything here, take it all with a grain of salt. There are a lot of filters and fake smiles. I was also guilty of faking it. We all struggle – some of us are just better at “masking” it. “

Just hours earlier, British star Ant, who announced this week that he is leaving Wheeler’s Dealers to work on new shows in California, had spent a moment with Hudson enjoying the sunset and fro-yo in Laguna.

He also shared them in Halloween costumes.

And during a visit to his workshop. (Ant also has two children from a previous marriage.)

Christina’s timeline isn’t without photos of her minis trio, she just makes the point that it’s not a competition. She also shared a Halloween photo of Hudson.

And recently shared pictures of their older children.

Christina surprised her fans on September 18 when she announced that she and Ant had separated after less than two years of marriage. The couple started dating in October 2017 and got married in Newport Beach, California in December 2018. Hudson was born in September 2019.

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