Boob Tape By Classy Sassy Wins Editors Choice Award

The amazing new boob tape by Classy Sassy and Styled has been awarded the Editors Choice Award by “Mom Loves Best Magazine”.

Looking your best is never easy, and with all the fashion styles available to women today, it can be even harder, especially when you are well-endowed. Many dresses and tops are made with open necklines and shoulders which makes wearing a regular bra difficult. There are many types of breast tape available but these four that are highlighted here are great examples of the quality, versatility and durability you need to look your best.

Easy to Use Breast Tape Option

This breast tape is designed for safe and secure taping for all of your braless dress needs. It can lift, bind, support and feels comfortable for long periods of time.

Affordable Option

Proving that great fashion can also be affordable, boobtape by Classy Sassy comes in a 2 pack for around $14.00, which is pretty amazing considering what it will do for you.

What makes their boobtape unique is:

  • 2 ROLLS of BoobTape. Cut to desired length based on the outfit you are going to wear with it
  • MEDICAL Grade Boob Tape. No harsh chemicals. Much safer to use than Gaffer’s tape. Why would you use tape that was designed to hold cables on such a sensitive part of your body?
  • 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex which makes it both strong and safe. It is like an instant breast lift
  • STRONG Enough to Support The Girls All Day and Night, regardless of cup size. It is dance proof, sweat proof and undetectable

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