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Bob Odenkirk’s “Great Things” Despite a Heart Attack | Celebrities

Bob Odenkirk is “fine” because he is recovering from a minor heart attack.

The Better Call Saul star recently announced that he collapsed on the set in New Mexico last month, but by keeping fans in the loop he’s been doing a lot better. Did.

He writes:

Bob recently confirmed that he had a “minor heart attack” when he fell.

The 58-year-old actor later used Twitter to reassure fans that he was fine. He thanked the medical team for getting him on the right track without surgery.

He writes: “Hello, my name is Bob. Thank you. Thanks to my family and friends around me this week. And love overflowed from everyone who cared for me and cared for me. It’s overwhelming. But I feel love and it I had a minor heart attack.

“But thanks to Rosa Estrada and the doctor who knew how to fix the obstruction without surgery, I’ll be fine and AMC and SONY are taking support and assistance to the next level. I’ll take a break to recover, but I’ll be back soon. “

The star collapsed in a “heart-related incident”.

His representative said, “I can confirm that Bob is in stable condition after having a heart attack. He and his family are wonderful doctors and nurses who take care of him and him. Thanks to the cast, crew and producers of. I was by his side.

“Oden Kirk also appreciates Bob’s congratulations to everyone as they work on his recovery and at this time wishes to seek their privacy.”

Bob Odenkirk’s “Big Things” Despite Heart Attack | Celebrities

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