Publishing Google Books

Publishing Google Books

Become an Author with a Book Listed on Google Books and in Google’s Play Store

You can help your business AND improve your authority by becoming an author with a book listed on Google Books and in Google’s Play Store!

We’ll show you how to create your Google Book and save you the time to figure it out. And your book sales will encourage you to compile more books, earning more money.

Google Books are Ranking Well

Now is the time to exploit this

For reasons we may not know, Google seems to be favoring their own books in the rankings lately. We’ll walk you through taking advantage of this situation.
Having your information, for your own business, a client, an affiliate offer or simply to sell your book, on page one of a Google search can be a gamechanger.
“This is an easy method for rankings,” Sally Kline said. “It’s for people with ideas who want the world to know them.”
This training can lead you to being published on Google Books and the Google Play Store also. This one-two punch can mean a huge difference in your marketing ability.
Get it and have YOUR BOOK on Google this week.

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create your Google Book
create your Google Book

Why Rank a Book?

Perhaps you just want another place on the SERPs?

Maybe you want to push down a negative result?

Just looking for another piece to add to your stacks?

Any reason is good enough to learn to use Google Books.

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