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Arsenal: what has changed for the Women’s Super League leaders?

Arsenal boss Jonas Eidevall is the first to admit that his approach to the season is “very boring” in some ways.

As a meticulous manager, he seems to focus on the smallest details, building game after game through what will hopefully be a winning campaign for the Gunners.

But the results of his efforts do not make anyone fall asleep so quickly.

Arsenal got off to a perfect start to the Women’s Super League with an entertaining one 3-0 win over Everton on Sunday; The force of Frida Maanum from 25 meters was perhaps one of the goals of the season so far.

The north London team lead the league after five of five wins and are three points ahead of Chelsea, the champions of 2020 and 2021.

However, Eidevall will not look to a possible first championship title for Arsenal since 2019, but will stay firmly in the here and now.

“It’s always game after game,” he said The women’s soccer show.

“I’m very boring in that regard. The only thing we can control is the closest opponent, so it makes sense to focus on that.”

Although he may think his approach to the season behind the scenes is boring, the Swede is determined to see Arsenal on the pitch.

“I would say that it is boring without getting good football results and playing good football without results is pointless,” he said.

“We are happy to be able to do both.”

“Aggressive and unpredictable” arsenal

Arsenal definitely did both.

With a more direct style of play this season, they have scored 19 goals and conceded only two goals in the WSL so far.

“He’s trying to make her more aggressive on the forefoot which sometimes makes her game unpredictable,” said former Arsenal captain Kelly Smith Daily soccer newspaper from BBC Radio 5 Live.

“It definitely works. He gave this team a new energy and new momentum. He loves his team and his players. The players love him.”

This plan has so far only encountered one obstacle: Barcelona in the group stage of the Champions League.

Forced to defend instead of playing on their forefoot, Arsenal fought the Spanish side and fell a 4-1 defeat.

Eidevall’s answer to this is to double up on his aggressive strategy, with the team playing back in the Champions League against Hoffenheim on Thursday.

“It’s hard to defend against Barcelona but the more you have to defend, the harder it is,” he said.

“We have to handle the ball better so that we don’t defend for so long.”

“Arsenal have to be at the top in every game they play” – Smith

Regardless of what happens in Europe, Smith believes Arsenal will lose the domestic league.

The first WSL champion in 2011, Arsenal defended the title in 2012 but then had to wait seven years to be crowned again. Now they want to break the dominance of a Chelsea team that has won the title in four of the last six seasons.

Eidevall dropped to his knees in celebration as Arsenal carried on a 3-2 win over the defending champions in their opening game of the season.

Eidevall did not hold back in his celebrations following Arsenal’s win over Chelsea

The Gunners’ trip to Kingsmeadow on February 13th could prove to be a league decider and a lot could depend on how far the teams get in the FA Cup and Champions League.

The WSL is now taking a four-week break until November 6th, but both teams will play in the belated semi-finals of the previous season.

“This league is so competitive now,” said Smith.

“Arsenal have to be at the forefront in every game they play if they are to win this title this season.

“I’ve played in a number of Chelsea-Arsenal games. It’s tough. It could possibly amount to this game.”

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