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AMMAN, Jordan (AP) – Jordan’s King Abdullah II on Monday denied any inappropriateness in buying luxury property overseas, citing security needs to keep the transactions valued at more than $ 100 million secret. He said no public funds were used. But in a sign that the Royal Palace was affected by the report on the purchases, Jordanian media, many of which are directly or indirectly controlled by the palace, made no mention of it. Even independent Jordanian media practice self-censorship and avoid criticism of the king, the royal family and the security forces. The revelations were first made public on Sunday by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, which reported that hundreds of world leaders, powerful politicians, billionaires, celebrities, religious leaders and drug traffickers have hidden their investments in villas, exclusive beachfront properties, yachts and other assets for the past quarter century .

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. (AP) – Some local residents, business owners, and environmentalists wondered if authorities were reacting quickly enough to contain one of the largest oil spills in recent California history caused by a suspected leak in an underwater pipeline running through the sand of the famous Huntington Beach and could keep the beaches there closed for weeks or more. On Sunday, booms were used on the ocean surface to try to contain the oil while divers tried to determine where and why the leak occurred. On land there was a race to find animals that had been harmed by the oil and to prevent the oil spill from damaging even more fragile marshland.

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) – It was not yet seven in the morning and the queue at the gates of the police station was already long, men brought their complaints and demands for justice to Afghanistan’s new Taliban rulers. They immediately found something new: the Taliban militants, who are now the cops, are not asking for bribes, as cops under the US-backed government have done for the past 20 years. “Everyone used to steal our money,” said Hajj Ahmad Khan, who recently stood in line at the District 8 Police Station in Kabul. “Everywhere in our villages and in government offices everyone had their hands stretched out,” he said.

WASHINGTON (AP) – It is one of the favorite sayings of House Speaker Nancy Pelosis, a guide for Democrats in troubled times: “Our diversity is our strength. Our unity is our strength. ”But while the Democrats seek to get President Joe Biden’s sweeping overhaul of the federal government into law, it is the party’s diversity of progressive and conservative views that is tearing them apart. And only if they stay united will their majority, which is not correct, have the hope of turning his reconstruction agenda into law. Biden will travel to Michigan on Tuesday to speak directly to the American people about his vision: It is time to tax big business and the rich and invest that money in childcare, health care, education and fighting climate change – what he sees as some of the nation’s most pressing priorities.

STOCKHOLM (AP) – Two US scientists received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine on Monday for their discovery of the receptors that enable humans to feel temperature and touch. David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian focused their work on the field of somatosensation, the ability of specialized organs such as eyes, ears and skin to see, hear and feel. “This will really reveal one of nature’s secrets,” said Thomas Perlmann, Secretary General of the Nobel Committee, when the winners were announced. “It is actually something that is vital to our survival, so it is a very important and profound discovery.” The committee said Julius, 65, used capsaicin, the active ingredient in chili peppers, to identify the nerve sensors that enable the skin to respond to heat.

WASHINGTON (AP) – In the weeks following the 9/11 attacks on New York City, South Asian and Arab men began disappearing as an eerie silence fell over Ground Zero. Soon more than 1,000 were arrested in raids across the city and across the country. Most were only charged with visa overdrafts and deported to their home countries. But before that happened, many were detained for months with little contact with the outside world, especially with their families. Others would live with a different fear, being forced to sign a Muslim register without knowing what might follow. As the memories and monuments of the 20th anniversary of September 11, 2001 fade into the past, hundreds of Muslim men and their families face difficult 20th anniversary anniversaries.

TOKYO (AP) – Japan’s parliament elected Fumio Kishida, a former moderate hawk, prime minister on Monday. He will face an economy battered by the pandemic, security threats from China and North Korea, and the leadership of a political party whose popularity is waning ahead of a rapidly approaching pivotal national election. With his party and its coalition partner holding a majority in both houses, Kishida won by a comfortable margin over Yukio Edano, head of Japan’s largest opposition Constitutional Democratic Party. After being sworn in at the royal palace, Kishida was scheduled to hold his first press conference as prime minister and later chair his first cabinet meeting on Monday.

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Supreme Court begins a meaningful new term with a return to the familiar setting, the mahogany and marble courtroom that judges left more than 18 months ago because of the coronavirus pandemic. Abortion, guns and religion are on the agenda of a right-wing court, including three judges appointed by President Donald Trump. The judges will meet in person on Monday for arguments, although Judge Brett Kavanaugh will attend remotely from his home after testing positive for COVID-19 late last week. Kavanaugh, who was vaccinated in January, shows no symptoms, the court said.

NEW YORK (AP) – New York teachers and other school staff are due to be vaccinated against COVID-19 when the bell rings on Monday morning. Mayor Bill de Blasio gave a final warning to the city’s 148,000 or so public schools on Friday, saying that unvaccinated workers would be put on unpaid leave and not allowed to work that week. The city planned to create replacements if necessary. The smooth implementation of the mandate can be a challenge for de Blasio, a Democrat who boasts that the city has kept school buildings open almost all of the last school year when other districts switched to distance learning.

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