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AP Top News at 3:42 p.m. EDT

Updated: August 06, 2021 02:00

Created: August 05, 2021 22:00

GREENVILLE, Calif. (AP) – Eva Gorman says the small California mountain town of Greenville has been a place of community and strong character, the place where neighbors volunteered to move furniture, colorful baskets of flowers lit up Main Street, and writers , Musicians, mechanics and chicken farmers mingled. Now it’s ashes. When the hot, bone-dry, gusty weather hit California, what is currently the largest forest fire in the state raged through the gold rush Sierra Nevada community of about 1,000 people and burned much of the downtown area, which comprised wooden buildings more than a century old. The wind was expected to calm down and change direction by the weekend, but this good news came too late for Gorman.

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