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GMP, price, further details in 10 points

Nuvoco IPO Views: The public issue of 5,000 crore will open for subscription on August 9, 2021 and will remain open for bidding until August 11, 2021 The company plans to collect 5,000 crore 1500 crore of new expenditure while the increase is planned 3500 crore by OFS (offer for sale). The company management has a fixed issue price of 560 tons 570 and company shares are on the gray market at a premium of. available 40.

Here we list 10 important details about the Nuvoco Vista IPO:

1]Nuvoco IPO GMP views: Nuvoco Vistas shares are available today at 40 Premium on the gray market, that means Nuvoco Vista’s IPO is GMP today 40 and the expected listing price of the gray market in relation to this public offering is 610 ( 570 + 40) – aggregated to a listing premium of around 7 percent.

2]Nuvoco Vista IPO opening date: The public edition will be open for subscription on August 9th and will remain open for subscription until August 11th, 2021.

3]Nuvoco Views IPO price range: The company’s management has a fixed price range for the public issue 560 tons 570.

4]Nuvoco sees IPO size: Promoters’ plan to increase the company 5,000 crore from this public issue. From this 5,000, they want to raise 1500 from the new edition and 3500 from OFS.

5]Nuvoco IPO Views lot size: One bidder must apply in lots and one lot comprises 26 Nuvoco Vistas shares.

6]Nuvoco Views IPO Grant Date: The tentative date for the Nuvoco Vistas share award is August 17, 2021.

7]Nuvoco sees IPO investment limit: As mentioned above, a bidder can apply for the public issue in lots. This means that a bidder can apply for at least one lot. A single bidder is also allowed a maximum of 13 lots. A bidder can at least. invest 14,820 ( 570 x 26) and maximum 1.92.660 [( 570 x 26) x 13].

8]Nuvoco Vista IPO: The public issue will be listed on both the NSE and BSE and the tentative date for the listing is August 23, 2021.

9]Problem type: The public edition will be entirely in book form with a face value of 10 per equity share.

10]Involvement of the promoters: After successful listing of the company shares, the participation of the promoters in the company will be reduced from 95.24 percent to 71.03 percent.

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