Alex Trebek (Screenshot: World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition)

Alex Trebek marks World Pancreatic Cancer Day in a video that was recorded before his death

Alex Trebek draws attention to World Pancreatic Cancer Day in a video that was recorded before his death from the disease on November 8th. (Screenshot: World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition)

Alex Trebek continued to be in the limelight of pancreatic cancer until his death.

The danger! The host, who died of the disease on Nov. 8, recorded a special message for World Pancreatic Cancer Day, which aired during the show on Thursday.

Trebek wore a purple tie, shirt and pin for the occasion and said, “A word about today – today is World Pancreatic Cancer Day. If you or someone you know has developed any of the symptoms I’ve talked about in the past then definitely see a doctor and get tested.

He concluded by saying, “I want you to be safe. This is a terrible, terrible disease. “

After the broadcast, his wife Jean Trebek shared a photo of them in purple to raise awareness about pancreatic cancer and wrote: “Alex, you are my eternal hero.”

The show shared the same photo of the couple with a quote from Jean that said, “It is time we stopped taking the preciousness of each day for granted and lived in the full experience of kindness and coherence.”

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Danger! also urged viewers to “wear purple in honor of Alex” and was affiliated with the World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition, an organization Trebek had worked with since his diagnosis in March 2019.

Trebek has Jeopardy! until his death and its final episode will air on Christmas Day.

No replacements have been announced, but there are many names being offered by the public, from the show’s biggest winner, Ken Jennings, to LeVar Burton, suggested by a petition from fans.

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