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Somerset reprimands Jack Brooks for historical tweets

Jack Brooks joined Somerset in 2019

The Somerset County Cricket Club has “reprimanded” Jack Brooks for sending historical racist tweets.

The club investigated two tweets sent in 2012 when the now 37-year-old was playing for Northamptonshire, calling Cheteshwar Pujara “Steve” when they were both in Yorkshire.

Brooks  -ologized “unconditionally”.

In a statement, Somerset said he was “embarrassed and devastated that his comments offended people”.

“He has admitted that although the contributions were made almost a decade ago when he was less adult, the content of the contributions was incorrect and did not correspond to his personal values,” the statement said.

“Jack has been honest and open throughout the investigation and  -ologizes wholeheartedly for his past mistakes.

“Before reaching any conclusion, the club considered a number of factors including no evidence of repeated documented behavior of this type, the remorse Jack showed throughout the process, the feedback from recipients of the social media posts, and his engagement for his own personalities development.

“In light of these considerations, the club has decided to reprimand Jack, reminding him of his responsibilities and requiring him to attend extensive training on equality, diversity and inclusivity.”

  Sport has asked Somerset for clarification on what is meant by a ‘reminder’ in this case, but the club said they would not make any further comments.

Fast Bowler Brooks was named by former Yorkshire player Azeem Rafiq in a hearing for the club’s special committee on digital, culture, media and sport on racism on Tuesday.

Rafiq said Brooks – a two-time Yorkshire county championship winner – started referring to Pujara as “Steve” because he couldn’t pronounce his first name.

Pujara said he doesn’t like being called “Steve” and would prefer his teammates to call him Cheteshwar.

In a statement, Brooks said, “I acknowledge that the language I used in two tweets I used in 2012 was unacceptable and I deeply regret using it.

“The two players I tweeted the tweets to are my friends and it certainly wasn’t my intention to offend or insult them or anyone who reads them.

“As far as I understand, no person was offended at this point, but I accept that the language is important and that a word I used may have offended others.

“I condemn all forms of discrimination and should never have used discriminatory language, regardless of the intent and context. I wholeheartedly  -ologize for any offense caused.

“In relation to my naming in Azeem Rafiq’s statement to MPs this week, the use of the name ‘Steve’ referred to the fact that some people have names that are difficult to pronounce.

“If this has h -pened in a dressing room in the past, it has been common practice to use nicknames regardless of creed or race. I admit to having used it in this context and now I accept that it was disrespectful and wrong to admit it I have contacted Cheteshwar  -ologizing for any insults I have inflicted on him or his family.

“I didn’t recognize that as racist behavior back then, but now I see that it was unacceptable.”

Tymal Mills, the recipient of one of Brooks’ tweets, said he accepted his  -ology.

“Jack and I talked about it and I know how much he regrets using his language,” the Sussex and England pace bowler said in a statement.

“I believe it is right that, both as a sport and as a society, we need to go through a thorough process of reflection and introspection about the language we speak and how we relate to one another.

“Jack  -ologized profusely and sincerely to me for what I accepted and I still consider him a good friend.”

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