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Portlaoise Panthers: The Irish basketball team refuses to replay the last 0.3 seconds of the quarter-final game

39 minutes ago

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The Portlaoise Panthers said there was “no one’s interest” in replaying the final 0.3 seconds of the game.

The Portlaoise Panthers have said they will refuse to replay the final 0.3 seconds of their game against Limerick Sport Eagles because it would be “completely against the spirit of basketball”.

The Limerick Sport Eagles defeated the Portlaoise Panthers 80-78 on March 23rd.

The Panthers appealed the result on the grounds that a foul was called 1.6 seconds after the buzzer, which led to the Eagles' winning free throws.

However, in a statement released Wednesday, the Panthers said replaying the final 0.3 seconds of the Division 1 quarterfinals would violate the “values ​​of the game of basketball.”

“We believe that the order to replay our quarterfinal for just 0.3 seconds is completely against the spirit of basketball and, as stated above, was never the basis for an appeal,” the Panthers said.

“We would never ask or expect Limerick Sport Eagles, a club we hold in high regard, to travel to Portlaoise to play the remaining 0.3 seconds.”

“It wouldn’t be in anyone’s interest and wouldn’t be in keeping with the values ​​of the game of basketball. To be clear: If we are ordered to go onto the court to play the 0.3 seconds, we will refuse to do so.”

The National League Committee (NLC) initially informed the Panthers that the result would stand because an umpire's decision could not be retroactively overturned.

However, they had the opportunity to appeal to the National Appeals Committee (NAC).

The NAC ruled that the game should be replayed in its entirety, but Basketball Ireland later said the opportunity to appeal had been “granted in error”.

The NLC then decided that the game would not be replayed in its entirety, but rather that the remaining 0.3 seconds should be played with the Eagles leading 80-78.

“We sincerely wish Limerick Sport Eagles, UCD Marian and Tolka Rovers the best of luck for the remainder of the play-offs,” the Panthers added.

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