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Central Oregon community members have come together in an ambitious effort to build a multi-sports facility

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – The Sportsplex Alliance is a coalition of community members, businesses, sports teams and partners committed to bringing world-class sports facilities to Central Oregon.

The plan with the CO Sportsplex Alliance is to develop a strategy for a multi-sport facility that includes: multi-turf, multi-sport soccer, lacrosse, rugby, baseball and softball fields, indoor multi-purpose turf fields, indoor training, Ice sports development areas and possibly commercial sports retail, hotel and a mobile home park.

Additionally, the C–O Sportsplex Alliance seeks to create and manage scholarship funds to ensure that all youth in Central Oregon have access to the best facilities, leagues and training in the region and that essentially no child is left behind in sports.

Derek Berry, president of the CO Sportsplex Alliance, presented their Bend, Park and Rec concept to the board.

Berry says it's certainly a big undertaking – one that can be achieved with the right support.

Julie Brown, communications and community relations manager at Bend Parks & Rec, said:

“We think about providing places for recreation in our community every day, and there are opportunities where a partnership can be involved.” It remains to be seen whether this will be the case [Central Oregon Sportsplex Alliance] You can really kind of move forward, but, you know, the board was interested in the central, broad aspect of this, and so, you know, I think they're open to further discussions.”

According to the Central Oregon Sportsplex Alliance, Redmond is the first choice for location at the Expo Center.

Many say a project like this would cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

As with any new development project, the main issue is financing.

Berry said no one wants more taxes, but they believe investing in parks and more amenities is a benefit to the community. Once feasibility studies are complete, fundraising efforts will begin using private funding as well as public partnerships and support.

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