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Economic data from the euro zone and the USA provide orientation

The majors

It was a mixed day for the European majors as the DAX30 came to an end its 6-day winning streak.

The DAX30 lost 0.05%, while the CAC40 and EuroStoxx600 closed the day by 0.10% and 0.04% respectively. For the EuroStoxx600 it was another new record close, which was in the green area after 8 consecutive days.

There were no statistics from the eurozone to guide the majors.

However, the weekend’s trade data from China set the tone.

In October, China’s US dollar trade surplus increased from US $ 66.76 billion to US $ 84.54 billion. Economists had forecast a decline to 65.55 billion US dollars.

  • Year-on-year exports rose by 27.7% compared to a forecast of 24.5%. In September exports had increased by 28.1%.
  • Imports rose by 20.6% compared to the forecast 25.0%. Imports were up 17.6% in September.

The better-than-expected numbers from China and the passage of a US infrastructure law added to the support.

The statistics

There were no major statistics for the markets on that day.

From the USA

There were also no key stats from the US to guide the way towards the end of the session.

The market movers

For the DAX: It was a mixed day for the auto industry on Monday. Volkswagen slipped 2.60% to lead the way down with, BMW and Daimler decreases by 0.41% and 0.35% respectively. Continental against the trend, however, rose by 0.27%.

It was a bullish day for banks. Deutsche Bank increased by 0.27%, with Commerzbank Win 1.38%.

From the CAC, it was a bearish day for the banks. BNP Paribas and Credit Agricole both fell 0.20% each, with Soc Gen decreased by 0.63%.

It was also a bearish day for the French auto sector. Stellantis NV and Renault ended the day with losses of 1.11% and 0.35% respectively.

Air France-KLM slipped by 0.58% while Airbus SE increased by 1.53%.

On the VIX index

It was the third day in a row in the green for the VIX on Monday.

After rising 6.74% on Friday, the VIX rose 4.49% to end the day at 17.22.

The Dow was up 0.29% with the NASDAQ and S & P500 closing the day 0.07% and 0.09%, respectively.

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