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Tunde Ednut, Samklef, Eldee Top List of 7 Celebrities Who Have Left Nigeria To Chase Greener Pastures Abroad ▷ Nigeria news

As lucrative as the entertainment business is in Nigeria, with the country boasting an impressive number of celebrities, many have achieved that status and decided to seek greener pastures off the coast of Nigeria.

Fans have seen some of their music, comedy, and film superstars settle overseas without looking back.

While some of them continued their craft as entertainers, others have switched to other companies to make ends meet.

Nigerian celebrities who have emigrated from the country. Photo credit: @mazitundeednut @eldeethedon @samklef
Source: Instagram

In this article Legit.ng takes a look at some of the superstars who have left the country, some of them still in the entertainment business, others having found new careers.

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1 hour Ednut

Tunde Ednut, music star now Instagram blogger, comes to mind when talking about Nigerian celebrities who have moved abroad.

Tunde has carved out a niche for himself in the Instagram arena and has an impressive number of followers who are his big fans.

2. Mr. Patrick

Mr Patrick is a comedian who makes his jokes in a unique way. He moved to the United States to start one of the largest grilled fish companies in the United States.

Some fans said his fish shop was more popular than his jokes, a few other Nigerian celebrities have visited his fish stalls in the US.

3. 2shots

Popular r -per 2Shotz, who made waves in the old skool era of Nigerian r -, switched careers when he moved to the United States.

He’s now a cameraman and making waves in the states.

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4 Turn to disaster

Popular actor Gbenro Ajibade is another Nigerian celebrity who has left the country’s shores. He also lives in the United States.

5 Samklef

Popular record producer Samklef has also moved to America, but he’s still in the music business, producing for artists in the US and sharing for fans on social media.

6 Eldee the Don

Eldee The Don, one of the pioneers of r – music in Nigeria, moved to the UK with his family.

He started the real estate business in the UK.

7 elenu

Comedian Elenu also moved to the United States, but he’s still very interested in politics.

5 Celebrities Who Got Into Comedy Skit

Legit.ng previously compiled a list of 5 popular celebrities who have entered the lucrative sketch-making industry.

Stars like Don Jazzy, RMD and billionaire Obi Cubana have all starred in at least one comedy sketch.

Other celebrities like Falz and Banky W complete the list.

Source: Legit.ng

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