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These celebrities swear by Solmux Advance with Zinc – here’s why

MANILA, Philippines – Even as restrictions are eased from Alert Level 1, we must not be complacent in our actions during this pandemic. Proper nutrition, hydration, exercise, healthy mental health, and adequate rest remain important. Equally important is a healthier immune system, which reduces the risk of chronic diseases and infectious diseases.

A growing number of celebrities who are health buffs are swearing by the effectiveness of the new Solmux Advance for relieving coughs with phlegm plus added immunity.

Solmux Advance is the first and only mucus solution for cough in the Philippines that combines carbocisteine, which melts phlegm, makes it easier to expectorate and defecate, and also reduces and removes bacteria in phlegm; and zinc, which boosts immunity and acts as an antioxidant.

Gino Roque IV

As the heir to the retail empire Kamiseta Group of Companies, Gino also owns the clothing and events company Forza. After his roommate stint on Pinoy Big Brother 8, he produced and starred in the romantic comedy series Beauty and the Boss, starring with Elisse Joson; and “Pasabuy,” where he is paired with Heaven Peralejo.

Between acting in locked-in recordings and producing shows, Gino became paranoid. “Conting ubo long suddenly you feel sick or you might have COVID,” Gino said in an Instagram post to his nearly 500,000 followers

To foster a healthier work environment (or with all the responsibilities Gino had to manage), Gino needed to protect himself and be strong. He needed the best possible medicine. After some research, one of his doctors suggested taking Solmux Advance with zinc.

“The really nice thing about Solmux Advance is that it contains these ingredients: carbocisteine ​​and zinc. Carbocisteine ​​was also able to expel my mucus. So these are the formulas that will really boost our immune system. It cured my cough in a few days,” said a satisfied Gino.

Paolo Abrera and Suzi Entry Abrera

Suzi is a long-time host of “Unang Hirit” and “Mars” on the Kapuso Network, while Paolo is a TV presenter, lifestyle columnist, triathlete, environmentalist, advertising director and TV content producer. They met on the sports show Game Plan and have been married since 2001.

“Our New Normal routine? Stay healthy all round. Proper diet, exercise, adequate rest and boosting our immune systems help us stay on top of anything we might catch these days,” Paolo Abrera posted on his Instagram.

“Pero kahit na anong ingat, just like many people I know, Suzi and I got Covid last January,” reveals Paolo. “Fortunately, the symptoms were manageable here at home.”

They immediately took Solmux Advance with Zinc. Suzi has previously researched the cough medicine brand and was curious as to why it differed from the original Solmux. It was the zinc.

“Zinc has been the buzzword in recent years. Nakilala s’ya na tututulong sa pagpapalakas ng immune system. And when the immune system works well, it can fight off viruses better,” explains Paolo.

Mariel Rodriguez Padilla

One of those dear friends that Suzi Entrata-Abrera was referring to is TV host Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla, commercial model, endorser, “Pinoy Big Brother” host, VJ, actress and wife of Robin Padilla; and self-confessed OA mom.

“Because I’m an OA mom, I’m always researching. I get involved, meet other mothers and in mothers’ groups. This includes those of Mommy Mars Suzi and Solmux Advance. And this is the latest Solmux Advance with Carbocisteine ​​and Zinc! Combined for stronger and faster cough suppressant,” Mariel mused.

For a cough with phlegm, carbocistein is Mariel’s preferred medicine. She considers it her best friend. She was doubly thrilled when zinc was added to the potent mix.

“This is because zinc strengthens the immune system. For OA moms like me, we really like these more because I want my kids to be more protected,” Mariel added.

To learn more about Solmux Advance with Zinc visit unilab.com.ph/solmuxadvance or https://www.facebook.com/solmuxph

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