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Malayalam TV celebrities join the Nation in anticipation of India’s World Cup final clash against Australia

As cricket fever grips the nation during the year

ICC World Cup

final between India and Australia,

Malayalam TV

Celebrities are not far behind and show their enthusiasm and support for the Indian team. Despite losing three wickets early in the game, there is a palpable sense of hope and anticipation among fans and the television industry stars are no exception.

To the countless fans glued to their screens across the country, celebrities from Malayalam TV made it clear that they are just as passionate about the exciting encounter. Social media is abuzz with updates from their favorite stars, offering a glimpse into their shared excitement.

Pearl Maney

took to social media to share a snap of herself engrossed in the game with her adorable little daughter Nila. The image reflects the collective anticipation and excitement of fans across the country. Pearle asked her followers in her caption: “Excited for today’s game!? Which team are you in?” She showed her eagerness and commitment in this high-stakes cricket clash.

In the meantime,

Thara Kalyan

has found a new companion to watch the game – granddaughter Sudharshana. The heartwarming moment captures the generational excitement surrounding this crucial game of cricket.

As India battles for supremacy against Australia, the unified support from TV celebrities underscores the wide appeal of cricket in the country. The shared enthusiasm not only reflects the spirit of the game, but also highlights the sport’s ability to bring people together across borders and professions.

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