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Major Weekend. Major Events. Major Celebrities


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with “Off the Wire”, … .. proudly sponsored by Pete’s Auto Body.

Pete’s car body; because our community is important to us….

It will be a very active Saturday in Owen Sound

The annual Kiwanis Santa Clause Parade, featuring key celebrities including Heather Hiscox, who hosted CBC Morning, begins at 5 p.m.

An hour later there will be entertainment leading to the lighting of the Northern Lights Festival, which also includes fireworks.

And on Saturday night, down at Harry Lumley Bayshore, the Saginaw attack picks up.

That’s active, but it may not be the most active event of the day

The McDonald’s-Owen Sound Aquatic Swim Meet will take place on Saturday in the Y Pool

The Aquatic Club welcomes rivals from Orangeville and Hanover during the day.

There are some restrictions that have resulted in the organizers scheduling 3 separate sessions at 9, 1 and 5 with up to 80 children on the deck during a given session.

Santa Claus comes to town, the Festival of Northern Lights opens with fireworks, but the attack host Saginaw only after the McDonald’s Swim Meet at the Y Pool.

Have a nice weekend.

For Pete’s Auto Body, I’m Fred Wallace.

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