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Celebrities Spreading and Believing False Information on Social Media and Being Trolled as a Result.

Fake news, videos and images often find their way onto social media. Many internet users fall for fake news because they have no way of knowing if it’s true or not. Celebrities are often fooled by false information. They share the content on their social media accounts without fact checking, resulting in them being trolled for sharing fake messages or a “WhatsApp forward”.

Here are some of the cases where celebrities have fallen for fake news.

1. Kiran Bedi

Bedi’s use of fake content on her social media pages is neither new nor uncommon. Kiran Bedi has shared fake news on social media quite often. Take a look at some of the posts where she took the time to share “fake” information. Although she was constantly slammed for such acts by vigilant netizens, she never deleted the posts.

Kiran Bedi recently shared a video on her Twitter account showing a giant shark leaping out of the ocean to attack a helicopter and drag it in without leaving a trace. The video posted by the IPS official falsely claimed NatGeo paid $1 million for the scene that took place in the water, but it was eventually discovered to be a clip from a popular TV show. It’s a scene from the 2017 TV movie 5 Headed Shark Attack.

Bedi tweeted, in which a video claimed NASA had discovered the sun chanting “Om,” believed to be the most sacred sound in Hinduism. The video contains a clear shot of the chanting, but it’s not the actual NASA video. Bedi was immediately reprimanded on social media for posting the video without first verifying its authenticity.

On January 27, 2017, Kiran Bedi tweeted a photo of monuments including Big Ben, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Twin Towers and the Statue of Liberty illuminated in three colors. “Fantastic. “Jai Hind,” she wrote next to the photo. As you might have guessed, the photo is pure fabrication, and no monument other than the Burj Khalifa was illuminated in orange, green, and white.

On DIWALI, she shared this fake statement about buying Indian products. The 2016 appeal was fake, according to the PMO Twitter account, and it was just a fake document circulating on social media.

Bedi released a video of an elderly lady dancing in 2017, captioned “Spirit of Deepavali at the tender age of 97.” She is the mother of @narendramodi (Hiraben Modi -1920) and she celebrates Diwali in her house.” It wasn’t Modi’s mother. She later corrected herself.

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