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Pete Davidson quits SNL and is set to leave very soon

Pete Davidson just made public that he is leaving the hit comedy show Saturday Night Live tomorrow as the show wraps up its 47th season.

Pete Davidson is a stand-up comedian and actor who made us laugh with his irreverent comedy and nonchalant attitude. He’s used his awkwardness to his advantage, teasing teenagers and rappers, as well as clueless characters like Chad.

He’ll be leaving Studio 8H this weekend, having grown up with the cast, not only because he joined the team in 2014 when he was just 20, but he’s grown in every dimension. During his tenure, he debuted as a movie star with his semi-biographical film The King of Staten Island, directed by comedy genius Judd Apatow.

Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant and Kyle Mooney are also saying goodbye to the show.

In addition to Davidson, others are also leaving, a great cast who made us laugh at a very difficult time will certainly be missed, they entertained us while the Trump presidency was rampant with situations surprisingly not made up. In addition, they have also helped us to bring smiles during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Davidson goes further

During the time Davidson was at SNL, he gained a reputation for being transparent when dealing with difficult situations and speaking openly about things like his struggles with addiction and mental health, as well as his relationships with high-profile celebrities such as Ariana Grande, Kate Beckinsale and most recently with Kim Kardashian.

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