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Bruce Willis’ wife Emma Heming Willis gets emotional on actor’s birthday amid dementia diagnosis

Emma Heming Willisthe wife of the Hollywood icon Bruce WillisShe has expressed her feelings on her husband’s first birthday since revealing his diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia.

The Die Hard Actor turned around 68 on Sunday and Emma shared her feelings on her Instagram Stories.

“Today is my husband’s birthday. I started the morning crying as you can see from my swollen eyes and snotty nose.” Emma started. She went on to explain that she wishes she had a choice, but she’s also raising two children while dealing with her husband’s condition.

Emma adding that she experiences sadness and grief every day and the emotions are even more intense Bruce‘s birthday. She also shared a role she did for her husband’s birthday, which she says was like a “knife in my heart.”

Emma Heming Willis is asking paparazzi to respect her husband’s privacy

The actor’s wife also recently took to social media to plead with the paparazzi to give her husband space when he’s out with friends or family, explaining that traveling safely through the world with his condition is already stressful navigate. Emma also stressed the need for more education about the treatment of people with dementia.

Bruce’s birthday is not the only happy occasion in the family, as his eldest daughter, Rumer WillisShe continued to celebrate her baby shower March 11surrounded by family and friends.

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