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8-year-old Idaho reporter finding fame, intriguing celebrities with interview skills

Emmy Eaton, an 8-year-old journalist from Idaho Falls, inspires many with her interviews. (Eaton family photo)

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IDAHO FALLS – A curious 8 year old girl from Idaho has drawn the attention of well-known celebrities, musicians and other creators across the country with her formidable interview skills.

In June 2020, Emmy Eaton was on a rafting trip with her family in Island Park, Idaho where her father, EastIdahoNews.com News Director Nate Eaton, was t -ping a live Facebook video. In the video comments, someone suggested that Emmy, who has always been a curious person, interview her father.

The next day, Emmy interviewed her father and asked him seven questions since she was seven years old at the time. She conducted a small number of other local interviews, and then Morrison agreed to an interview with Emmy based on Nate Eaton’s connection with Dateline NBC correspondent Keith Morrison and her work on the Chad and Lori Vallow Daybell case.

That was just the start of 7 Questions with Emmy, a weekly video series that airs on EastIdahoNews.com, Facebook and YouTube.

“I’ve always been curious,” said Emmy Eaton. “I’ve always loved asking questions because sometimes I ask mom and dad a lot of questions when we’re in the car, like ‘Why are we going to the store?’ and ‘Why are we going to do this and that?’ … I get it from my father. “

Nate Eaton said his daughter was never shy. Whether she’s interviewing a celebrity or a garbage man, she’s equally interested in the person.

Emmy’s interviewees include a farmer, a United Airlines employee, Mike Rowe, Jenny Oaks Baker, Stephen Sharp Nelson, a young widow, Taysom Hill, a wardrobe stylist, and one of her favorites, Drew Barrymore.

In fact, her first interview with Barrymore went so well that she was invited to  -pear on the Drew Barrymore Show. Emmy said it was great to meet Barrymore in real life.

“She’s everything she looks on TV,” said Emmy. “She is the nicest, most sincere person you will ever meet. She is very nice.”

During one of her segments on the Drew Barrymore Show, Emmy got the chance to interview Elmo, which she thought was really fun.

When Emmy first recorded in front of a live studio audience on the Drew Barrymore Show, her father was nervous and excited for her and worried that she would forget her questions, but she did it perfectly. Nate Eaton said it brought tears to his eyes to see Emmy grow up and do something Nate wanted to do since he was twelve – be a reporter.

Emmy’s parents aren’t pushing her to be in the spotlight and they’d be perfectly fine if she decided to stop her interviews at any point, Nate Eaton said.

“So many things make me proud to watch them and it was cool to see their interview skills improve from the beginning until now,” said Nate Eaton. “It was cool to see their style, but what makes me proud are the things that aren’t written down, the questions or something. It’s so great at ad-lib. And she listens and she asks great follow-up questions and can go where the conversation is going instead of clinging to a set list of questions. “

To ask her interview questions, Emmy does a lot of research and sometimes even designs PowerPoint presentations about her interviewees. She’s hoping to take over Drew Barrymore’s job one day, and her dream interviews are Justin Bieber, Zac Efron, and Kate Middleton.

“I hope I can inspire (people),” Emmy said, “just to make them really, really h -py and think good thoughts like rainbows and glitter and unicorns and all those funny things.”



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