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The subscription economy has officially infiltrated gambling

Playing a video game used to require purchasing a physical copy of a title, but in recent years subscription services that provide access to a catalog of games for a recurring fee have changed the industry. New polls suggest these services will stay, with most hardcore gamers saying they are already using them. However, subscription platforms still have a lot of room to grow their customer base.

62 percent of avid gamers (respondents who said they played at least seven hours of video games per week) said they had at least one video game subscription service such as Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox Game Pass. or the PlayStation from Sony Corp. to dispose of now. (Respondents were able to choose more than one service.)

About half of all gamers, 3 in 4 millennial gamers say they use subscription gaming services

Respondents were asked to select the gaming subscription services they used from a list of options or to indicate that they did not have any gaming subscriptions

The survey was conducted October 12-15, 2021 of 1,604 adults in the United States who play video games, including 718 avid gamers, with margins of error of +/- 2% and +/- 4%, respectively.

What the numbers say

  • About half of all gamers (52 percent) said they had at least one subscription gaming service, including Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Now, and  -ple Arcade, among others. As a mirror of changes in the news, entertainment and other sectors, gambling has increasingly moved in the direction of a. relocated Subscription based economy that allows players to download and play a wide variety of games for a fixed monthly price. The revenue from gaming subscription platforms is expected reach $ 11 billion in 2025, of an estimated $ 6.6 billion in 2020, according to Juniper Research.
  • Avid gamers (players who said they gambled for at least seven hours a week) were even more interested in subscription services, as nearly two-thirds (62 percent) said they used at least one. Many services reward frequent users with regular discounts, early access to games that have not yet been published, and other perks.
  • A slightly higher proportion of console gamers (74 percent) said they use at least one subscription service than PC gamers. Some consoles require users to sign in to connected subscription services in order to play multiplayer games online. Microsoft Corp. said last year that 70 percent its Xbox Series X and S consoles are connected to and spend on an Xbox Game Pass account 20 percent more time playing as non-subscribers.
  • About half of gamers (48 percent) said they didn’t have a membership with a subscription service, according to the survey, suggesting that services still have plenty of room to grow – especially among older gamers. While 75 percent of millennial gamers and 62 percent of Generation Z gamers subscribe to at least one service, half of Generation X (49 percent) and only 15 percent of Baby Boomer gamers pay for a service.

the opinion poll was conducted October 12-15, 2021 of 1,604 adults in the United States who reported playing video games, including 718 avid gamers, with margins of error of plus or minus 2 percentage points and 4 points, respectively.

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