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7 Pet Owning Celebrities That Make Us Swoon — & We’re Not Sorry

Pets are some of the most magical and playful additions for any family. Their energy can transform a room and will always kick up the dynamics in any household, especially when trying to take someone’s place in bed. Not only are they great for the family, but it’s also easy to pass out to see a man who loves his adorable pet.

Corresponding Psychology today, there is a relationship between owning a pet and perceiving it as more attractive. Thanks to research lead by University of Nevada-Las Vegas anthropologist Peter Gray, we have some data to back up claims that pet ownership can actually add to your attractiveness in the dating pool.

And because we’re a sucker for a good list, we’ve searched far and wide and found some of our favorite stars cuddling, petting, and dancing with their furry loved ones. Enjoy!


Anthony Ramos

Anthony Ramos, who you may know about Hamilton and In the heightsShe’s not afraid to show so much love to his cute French Bulldog. It is clear that the dog loves his father very much. Just look at that big big smile. Tbh, who doesn’t want to be that dog now?



Imagine having one-on-one dance parties with the singer and heartthrob Maluma. The global pop star kept us all seated and tied to our mobile devices with every post on social media. We all know he’s the master of a thirst, but seeing him with his boogie pup is just the cutest.


Canelo Alvarez

Boxer Canelo Álvarez had a little more to show than a cute puppy that he suffocates with love. He posted a video on how to ride a horse through an arena because what else do you do when you are Canelo Álvarez? The slow motion shots were absolutely intentional. And who hasn’t had a crush on a vaquero yet?


Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi has posted his cute bulldog on his Instagram quite a number of times. As many pet owners know, the death of a pet is tragic and truly heartbreaking. Here, Kid Cudi pays a touching homage to his sweet friend with a portrait. Honestly, one of the cutest and healthiest things on the internet. I send you so much love.


j Balvin

J Balvin’s big, drooling dog goes out of his way to be the best boy. Watch him come over right away and immediately start going over the tricks with his dad. This shows a level of dedication and patience they share, and it’s adorable to see.


Diego Boneta

Some fathers are just plain embarrassed at times and no one knows how to be more embarrassing than a Latin American dad. Diego Boneta understood the assignment and modeled a float of ducks with his dog on a photo. While it may look weird, it’s a very important safety tool that Diego Boneta claims is just because of his dog. The dog’s embarrassed expression  -pears to be different.



The incredibly powerless Miguel isn’t shy when it comes to posting photos of him and his cute cat. The c -tion “Katzenp -i” best describes this photo. And from the look in the cat’s eyes, they know that they are literally living in the l – of luxury with their father.

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