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10 Celebrities that All Celebs Love to Love

If you caught yourself laughing to tears while watching a show on TV or Netflix, the chances that Kaling was involved in the writing are extremely high. The star’s ability to create memorable characters and her insane work ethic have resulted in countless successful shows – including The Office, The Mindy Project, and their latest, Never Have I Ever – as well as an entire generation of young people who want to be like them .

In an interview with Access Hollywood in  -ril 2020, the three stars of Kaling’s latest Netflix series Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Lee Rodriguez and Ramona Young sat down to talk about working with Kaling.

Ramakrishnan explained that Kaling’s ability to lead actors in front of and behind the camera is a great acting lesson, adding that “It created this world where we can really grow and learn from.”

“She definitely made me feel more comfortable in my skin,” said Young. “Having this idea of ​​someone doing all these things – you imagine they’re someone so different from you. And then when you meet them they say, ‘Oh’. It makes you believe that you could possibly do that too. “

“And that’s a good feeling,” added Rodriguez.

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