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9 tiny villages where celebrities have secret holiday homes

As you stroll the streets of LA or the boardwalks in St. Tropez, you won’t be surprised to spot a familiar face.

Given that some of the world’s biggest A-listers have become famous on the silver screen, the hubs of Hollywood and Cannes are home to many.

But what about the quieter corners of the world where celebrities have settled?

Escaping the hustle and bustle of the big cities may offer some peace and quiet, but the big and good guys are likely to make more of a splash in a smaller pond.

Take the enthusiastic welcome American actor Matt Damon greeted when he opted for a villa in the Irish suburb of Dalkey during the lockdown.

Here we take a look at nine lesser-known places celebs call home.

9. Stephen Fry – West Bilney, North Norfolk

The notoriously flat lands of Norfolk may not be everyone’s idea of ​​paradise. But they have a familiar allure for national treasure Stephen Fry as the British actor and television personality grew up in the village of Booton, near Norwich.

He now lives near King’s Lynn, in a small village called West Bilney. Speak with Eastern Daily Press He says the following about growing up in the remote area.

“All of the things that make Norfolk a difficult place for someone with artistic sensibilities, aspirations and hopes to grow up in it also make it a wonderful place because you can find other people who feel that way.

“Unlike life in London, it is less common to be drawn into the artistic world, so it is exciting to find yourself.”

The stunning beaches and abundant bird life of Norfolk also make it a charming place to live.

8. George and Amal Clooney – Sonning Eye, Oxfordshire

Power couple Amal and George Clooney call many places home, and one of them is a small Oxfordshire village.

The human rights lawyer and film star lives in the hamlet of Sonning Eye, an island in the Thames.

The Clooney family often swaps the verdant fields of Oxfordshire for the shores of Lake Como in Italy in the summer, a more popular spot for celebrities.

7. Johnny Depp – unnamed village, southern France

It sounds like something out of a movie or the Schitt’s Creek plot, but actor Johnny Depp really bought an entire French village 20 years ago.

The shabby hamlet near Saint Tropez was treated with a star and shines again in its old splendor – with a few slightly eccentric accents.

When you have $ 48m left you can take it off Depp now that it’s back on the market.

6. Tina Turner – Küsnacht, Zurich

Sure, Zurich has a glamorous sound to it, but it’s a far cry from Hollywood, where American-born singer-songwriter Tina Turner has a star on the Walk of Fame.

She lived in various places in Europe, including London and Cologne in Germany, before settling in Küsnacht, a municipality in the Swiss city of Zurich.

Your house is close to the breathtakingly clear blue water of Lake Zurich.

5. Julia Roberts – Taos, New Mexico

Julia Roberts has the world open, but instead of living the high life in LA or New York like most actors, she ended up in the city of Taos in New Mexico.

She reportedly fell in love with the mountain town in the 1990s and bought a 40-acre ranch to kick back. The altitude in Taos means temperatures fluctuate widely, with hot days followed by cold nights. Well worth packing layers if you want to follow in the movie star’s footsteps.

4. Daniel Day Lewis – Wicklow, Ireland

Acting legend Daniel Day Lewis is known for his immersive approach. In between intense roles, the now retired actor retired to his farmhouse in the village of Annamoe, County Wicklow, Ireland.

A valued member of the ward, Day-Lewis was given the freedom of Wicklow in 2009 and spoke movingly of the freedom he has long found in the county. “That’s one of the reasons this place suits me so well because I can go about my business.” said the three-time Oscar winner.

“The truth is, I don’t realize it [the pressure of celebrity] around here because I am allowed to live. “

3. Nicole Kidman – Sutton Forest, New South Wales, Australia

It’s no surprise that actress queen Nicole Kidman lives in Australia, but did you know she’d opted for a tiny hilltop village near Sydney rather than star-studded Byron Bay?

The house itself is nothing small, however, a mansion on 45 acres of Angus cattle stud in Sutton Forest. The rolling hills of the Southern Highlands are reportedly becoming increasingly popular with celebrities.

2. JK Rowling – Cramond, Edinburgh

The Scottish capital is too big and dynamic to be put on the map by a single person, even by the creator of Harry Potter. But JK Rowling is certainly the most famous face in Cramond, a suburb on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

A huge 10 meter high hedge separates the author from prying eyes in the old fishing village. She also owns a huge estate near Aberfeldy in Scotland and recently moved to her childhood home Gloucestershire village of Tutshill.

1. Ed Sheeran – Framlingham, Suffolk

Another celebrity linked to his East Anglian roots, Ed Sheeran lives in the old market town of Framlingham, Suffolk.

The pop star has bought a number of properties in the area that locals call “Sheeran-ville”. It spans 16 acres and gives Framlingham Castle a run for the money.

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