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6 Outdoor Party Decor Ideas From Celebrities Who Throw The Best Bashes

Decorating a party is an art form in itself; it takes creativity and ingenuity, not to mention serious planning. And decorate for an outdoor party? Well, even more. You not only have to consider the elements, but also integrate the details into the environment – after all, you don’t want your table landscape to look completely out of place next to your garden or pool. Even so, there’s no need to panic or hire a party planner for just one night. Instead, just check out the celebrity outdoor party decorating ideas that TZR has put together in advance.

There is no doubt that many of these stars had professional help with their setups as most of them have endless access to resources and money that the rest of us don’t. However, that does not mean that there is nothing to be learned from their past event endeavors. Indeed, far from it: there is an abundance of inspiration and lessons from the outdoor parties that celebs have shared that even those on the strictest budgets can in some way copy. Here are a few favorites.

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Monochromatic color scheme

Take your outdoor event from a garden barbecue to a chic garden party by giving it a clean, focused color scheme. By using different shades of a shade à la Molly Sims, you instantly upgrade the look – and if you choose a playful color, you add a touch of refined fun too.

Candle overload

It’s hard to imagine an outdoor party in a better mood than one with lots of candles under the stars. Don’t just put them on your tables, though – take notes from party queen Khloé Kardashian and spread them out everywhere from the pool to the dessert table and any other surface you can think of.

Tree decorations

Outdoor parties are a way to immerse your decor in the natural surroundings, and there are few better ways to do that than tree decorations. Make a seamless transition from your seating area to the garden by hanging items such as small lanterns, wind chimes or flower-shaped fairy lights.

A photo wall

It’s not a proper party without great group pictures, so make it stand out even more by putting up a statement wall backdrop. A nature-inspired option like that of Gabrielle Union will enhance the feeling of a garden party, while a more glamorous version like a metallic curtain creates an unexpected juxtaposition.

Paired picnic tables

Instead of a fancy dining table, kick back into the outdoor vibes and take you back to your childhood and camping days with a row of picnic tables. The choice will add a more relaxed, comfortable feel to your party – and when they’re done in bright colors like Christie Brinkley’s, they also add a playful, festive touch.

Nature as dishes

A table landscape is one of the most important parts of decorating dinner parties, and that includes outdoor events. Do not miss the opportunity to make your table one with nature; Follow Oprah’s lead and incorporate serving dishes and dishes that are reminiscent of the surroundings, such as their coconut shells.

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