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18 Celebrities Who Became Moms After 40

The path to parenting is different for anyone who chooses – and sometimes it comes a little later in life than expected. Waiting for kids seems to be especially popular with celebrities. After all, their careers are usually associated with long hours and frequent travel, which makes it difficult to raise a child. So is it any wonder that so many celebrities became mothers for the first time after they were 40? Read on for stars who took on another role – the role of mother – whenever they were good and ready.

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Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock

Halle Berry was 41 when she gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Nahla, and 47, as her son Maceo was born. And she talked about why she thinks more people should follow in her footsteps.

“You know yourself better. You have done a lot of things for yourself, selfishly. If you wait later in life, you can really bring your children forward more meaningfully, I think,” she told Us weekly.

Salma HayekDFree / Shutterstock

Salma Hayek told The Sunday Times that she didn’t think she would ever have children – until she met her husband Francois-Henri Pinaultwho “changed everything” for them. Indeed, the couple greeted their daughter, Valentinawhen Hayek was 41 and the actor says the timing was perfect.

“I had achieved a place in my career [where] I had done a lot of things, I was so excited to be a mom, “she told the point of sale.” I didn’t feel like it was going to take anything away.

Eva Mendestovovan / Shutterstock

Even though Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling do their best to keep their private life as private as possible, we know that their eldest daughter, EsmeraldaShe was born when Mendes was 40, followed by the younger sister Loved one year later.

“I never wanted babies until I fell in love with Ryan, and it kind of turned out to be 40 and having my first baby. I think I was 42 for the second, so it worked out that way I had a career and then I put my focus on my family, “Mendes said in a 2020 radio interview (via ET Online).

Kim BasingerTinseltown / Shutterstock

model Kim Basinger was 41 years old when she and her ex-husband Alec Baldwinhis daughter, Ireland Baldwin, was born. Although she was their only child before the couple went their separate ways, Baldwin has had six more children with his current wife. Hilaria.

Janet JacksonKathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

Janet Jackson shocked fans when she gave birth to their first child, a baby boy named Eissa Al Manawhen she was 51 years old. At that time she was married to Wissam Al Mana, the baby’s father, although they have since split up.

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Geena DavisDFree / Shutterstock

Geena Davis was 46 when she first became a mother. You and ex-husband Reza Jarrah greeted her daughter, Alizeh, in 2002, and Davis was 48 when their twins, Kian and Kaiis, was born.

“I’ve always been lucky enough to have my kids late because I feel like I’ve changed so much. I always knew I wanted kids, but I don’t know what I’ve been waiting for so long I’ve never tried it before, in other words. But it was great, “she told The Guardian in 2020.

Laura LinneyTinseltown / Shutterstock

Not only was Laura Linney 49 as her son Bennett was born, but she also kept her pregnancy a secret until after he was born.

“I was an older mother-to-be and it took me a very, very long time to have a child. So I wanted to make sure my child actually arrived and was safe and healthy, ”she said during an appearance on Live With Kelly (via Daily Mail).

Naomi CampbellOvidiu Hrubaru / Shutterstock

Back in May Naomi Campbell went to Instagram to share with her followers that she had become a mom to a little girl at the age of 50.

“A beautiful little blessing made me her mother,” she wrote. “So honored to have this gentle soul in my life, there are no words to describe the lifelong bond I now share with you, my angel. There is no greater love.”

Kristen WiigDFree / Shutterstock

In 2020, when the Saturday Night Live star was 47, Kristen Wiig and fiance Avi Rothman greeted twins through a surrogate mother.

“Having two nine-month-olds is a lot! But they are growing and I can’t wait to see them every morning. It’s not just about lying around smiling at babies, ”she told InStyle last August.

Eva LongoriaDFree / Shutterstock

Eva Longoria was 43 when her son Santiago was born, and she told Parents Latina that the timing was “this way”.

“I’m more patient and don’t work that much – even if it doesn’t look like it!” She said.

Sheryl CrowLev Radin / Shutterstock

To Sheryl Crow‘s separation with Lance Armstrong and being diagnosed with cancer, becoming a mother was more important to her than ever, so she adopted her son when she was 45 Wyatt, then added another son, Levi, to her family three years later.

“I always knew I wanted to become a mom. It was only a matter of time. I had just had a pretty painful breakup that involved kids and I also had breast cancer treatment,” she told Redbook in the year 2010. “After that, I had an acute urgency about how my life should feel. Since I was not married, my idea of ​​what the picture should look like no longer served a good cause.”

Helen HuntTinseltown / Shutterstock

Helen Hunt was almost 41 years old when her daughter and partner Matthew Carnaham, Makena, was born. She is also a parent of Carnaham’s son from a previous relationship.

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Cameron DiazFeatureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock

Cameron Diaz was 47 years old when she and her husband Benji Madden announced that they were named a little girl. have greeted Raddix. And as she told Naomi Campbell on her YouTube channel, she knew she did things a little differently than most of the others.

“Having a family when you’re young … it’s like everything when you’re young: you do it. But when you are my age and choose to do it, it’s a real decision. You have to work really hard for it, ”she said, as reported by People.

Jane KrakowskiDFree / Shutterstock

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star Jane Krakowski became a mother at the age of 42. Her son Bennett, with her then fiancé Robert Godfrey, was born in 2011,

Marcia Cross DFree / Shutterstock

Star of the desperate housewives Marcia Cross became a mother for the first time at 40. She started fertility treatment at 44 and later gave birth to twins Eden and savannah. As she told Easy Living Magazine (via Daily Mail), she suffered from complications like preeclampsia and had to be bed rested towards the end of her pregnancy.

“Are you kidding? It’s a miracle I have these two daughters, ”she said. “Your forties are not the time to think about getting pregnant.”

Hoda KotbKathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

Hoda Hotb was 52 years old when she adopted her first child, Haley Joy– a moment that was quite emotional for her, as she explained on an episode of Today.

“People always, first question [is] ‘Do you have children?’ That’s the first question and I always say, ‘Oh my nieces, I love her so much’, I always talk about my nieces, “she said in 2021.” And literally I stopped when this woman asked me, ‘Do you ? Children?’ And I looked at her and said, ‘Yeah, I do.’ As if I couldn’t believe I said it, I said, ‘Yes, I have a daughter, yes.’ And just to say the words out loud, we’re talking about saying something out loud, it was so moving. “

Diane KeatonKathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

Considering the legendary career Diane Keaton it makes sense that she wanted to wait a bit before adding kids to the mix. She was 50 years old when she adopted her daughter Dexter. Five years later, she added a son named Duke to her family.

Sandra BullockDFree / Shutterstock

Although Sandra Bullock was in her 40s when she adopted her son Louis and daughter Laila, she told Today that she always wanted to be a mother and that when she met Louis, she immediately knew he should be her son.

“It’s like he’s always been there. It’s like it fit in the crook of my arm. He looked me in the eye and he was simple – he was wise. My child was wise, ”she said. “The nice thing I was told all the time was, ‘The perfect child will find you. You will find your child.'”

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