Zimbabwean lives matter

Zimbabwean Government Reportedly Torturing and Abducting Citizens

Chile, #ZimbabweanLivesMatter trends as the country’s government is being accused of abducting and torturing activists and non activists speaking out and peacefully protesting against corruption and police brutality.

Zimbabwean’s human rights are literally being violated as they are getting beaten, arrested and killed for speaking up against the corruption taking place in their government, and the people of Zimbabwe are tiiiidddeee!!!

Protestors in Zimbabwe are being treated as terrorists, women are being arrested and taken advantage of—sexually and physically—and those who speak out against any of it are being arrested and some charged with lying. In addition, Zimbabweans are now fighting two pandemics in a sense—the coronavirus, and the disregard of their basic human rights.

Inflation in Zimbabwe isn’t a new problem, however, citizens are also fighting the struggle of the cost of living there which has dramatically increased during the pandemic. Gas and food prices are increasingly high or unavailable, and people in the working class are being paid peanuts and therefore can’t maintain nor afford the basic necessities and basic rights they’re being stripped of.

Zimbabweans everywhere are fighting to bring awareness to their injustices on a global scale and are hoping to do so before their government shuts the internet down to stop people from speaking about and sharing their stories on social media.

As a Zimbabwean myself, I stand with Zimbabwe. Rambai makashinga, zvichanaka.