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What GMP signals before listing on the stock exchange

Rolex Rings IPO: After the share allocation has been completed, all eyes are now on the listing of Rolex Rings shares on Monday, August 9, 2021. The public issue was subscribed 130.44 times and market observers expect a strong listing from the auto component maker. In fact, the gray market also points to a strong listing of Rolex Rings shares, as it has consistently maintained the gray market premium mentioned above 400 since it became available for subscription. Market watchers said Rolex Rings is IPO GMP today 420 and they added that the gray market premium from Rolex Rings IPO was hovering around 400 tons 450 after completion of the tender. They said the gray market also expects a return of around 40 percent for the lucky bidders who received shares upon allotment.

Rolex Rings shares in the gray market

Rolex Rings shares are available at 420 Premium on the gray market today. That means Roles Ring’s IPO gray market premium is today 420 and the expected listing of the auto component manufacturer’s shares on the Indian stock exchanges has ended 1320 ( 900 + 420). Market watchers claimed that Rolex Ring’s IPO GMP fluctuated steadily during the subscription period 525 tons 550, but after the public issue closed, it stayed up across the board 400. You said that such a steady performance of the Rolex Rings IPO in the gray market signals a strong quotation of the company’s stocks.

What this GMP means for the Rolex Rings IPO

According to market observers, the gray market premium means short-term sentiment regarding the public issue in question. It is simply taken as the listing gain that can be expected at this point in time. But it’s completely unofficial, but people consider it an immediate market indicator in relation to going public. Since Rolex Rings are in the range of 400 tons 450, one can conclude that the gray market expects Rolex Rings shares to trade at around 1300 ( 900 + 400) to 1350 ( 900 + 450). This means that the expected stock exchange growth of the gray market as a result of the Rolex Rings IPO is around 40 to 50 percent.

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