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Viola Davis for getting paid for what she’s worth

InStyle about knowing her worth as a black woman in the industry and what it took to get there. “data-reactid =” 16 “> Viola Davis continues her call for equality in Hollywood as she talks to InStyle about knowing her worth as a black woman in the industry and what it took to get there.

“Here’s my big deal, and the people in Hollywood know this: I have great agents; I love her. I love my manager. I love my publicist. But I tell them that all the time, I say, “I want and I expect to get the same filet mignon that white actresses get. Cooked at exactly that temperature, “she told the magazine for the December 2020 issue.” You can’t throw a bone at me with a really nice little piece of meat and expect it to be good enough for me. I love my collard greens and all that and I know we got the leftovers. I know how to cook this, but I want a filet mignon. ‘”

Viola Davis on her worth in Hollywood. (Photo: Getty Images)


first black actor Winning Emmy and Tony an Oscar for acting in 2017 is certainly one of the best in their field. However, she says that as a “woman and woman of color” she long approached her work and thought she was “just like everyone else”. Until she realized it wasn’t her. “Data-reactid =” 33 “> The 55-year-old, who was the first black actress to win an Oscar, Emmy and Tony for her acting skills in 2017, is certainly one of the best in her field Woman of Color ”approached her work for a long time and thought she was“ just like everyone else. ”Until she realized it wasn’t her.

“It’s only when you get to a certain point, and perhaps have a certain level of anticipation, that you realize that you are not like everyone else,” said Davis. “In Hollywood, actresses don’t share their salaries while having a glass of wine. A big part of it, I’ll say, is the ego. Ego because you don’t want people to know that you are doing less than they think you are doing. Another part of this is etiquette. “

“There should be solidarity with everyone. Solidarity with Caucasian women and women of color. [Actress] Michelle Williams, of course, put it wonderfully. The wage differentials and the lack of access to opportunities are enormous, ”said Davis. “I fully expect changes. I try to get my hopes up. Even if it takes a little vodka. If we don’t move forward together, then we are not moving forward. “