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Vanessa Hudgens will get married by the age of 25 | Celebrities

Vanessa Hudgens always thought she would get married at 25.

The 32-year-old actress, who split from Austin Butler for nearly nine years in January 2020, is now with Cole Tucker, but her own love life resembles that of her mother growing up. I thought I would follow this pattern, but she claimed her life was “better” than I imagined.

She told Shape magazine: I was 25 so I always thought I would get married when I was 25. It did not happen.

“It doesn’t matter because I have a very nice and healthy relationship. I’ve found that we all have these ideas. It helps me a lot to grow. I am very grateful to be in this moment of my life every day. “

Princess Switch 3 actress feels “really stepped in” [her] She has become “herself” in recent years as she has become more and more self-confident and has “fully embraced” all parts of herself.

She says, “If you fully accept who you are and stop trying to suppress your fragments, you can take on the world.

“I love how stupid I am. I love how excited i am. And I love being in a place where I can finally access it.

“Even bizarre things that may have been shut down by others in the past, like ridiculous with friends.

“That’s what enables me to be successful now. I am too much for some people. But I love who I am and there is such power in that. “

Vanessa Hudgens will get married at the age of 25 | Celebrities

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