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Tweet Buster: Tweet Buster: Insiders who went on a diet during Zomato’s IPO; Consistent compounders vs. startups

With both institutional and retail investors exaggerating Zomato’s initial public offering, there were enough insiders reluctant to loosen their purses. Several market experts wonder why the employee quota was only 62 percent when the company went public, while the proportion of qualified institutional buyers (QIB) was 51.79 times and the retail ratio 7.45 times oversubscribed. One reason could be the large number of 65 lakh shares reserved for employees, some of whom may already be sitting with huge ESOPs.

In this edition of Tweet Buster we offer you further insights into what is happening on the stock exchange and invest Gyaan from the gurus.

Investing is a game

Maverick value investor Vijay Kedia compared investing to playing cricket. He said your mentality and risk tolerance will determine whether you are fit to play T20 (future trading) or 50-over ODI (short and medium term) or a five day test game (long term).

“Investing is like playing cricket, your ‘MENTALITY’ and ‘RISK APPETIT’ determine whether you are fit to play T20 (fut… https://t.co/2TZDvIv1h9

– Vijay Kedia (@ VijayKedia1) 1626503735000

Radhika Gupta, CEO of Edelweiss AMC, shared some valuable insights into startups soon to be listed in India. “For the public market investor, the consistent compounder is the good kid who has always studied and become a CA or engineer – predictable and easy to decipher. The new listings are the kid dropping out of college and possibly becoming a one-off in a generation. “Symbol.”

I don’t know whether or not these companies will do well in the public markets. But we need a need paradigm … https://t.co/rkuZ5iqNgk

– Radhika Gupta (@iRadhikaGupta) 1626193367000

Many of the apps that are in circulation compare one man’s market cap to that of another entire industry, etc. https://t.co/8ZSHfpUadT

– Radhika Gupta (@iRadhikaGupta) 1626193367000

For the public market investor, the consistent compounder is the good kid who always studied and became a CA or an engineer … https://t.co/7EMNJJbnsV

– Radhika Gupta (@iRadhikaGupta) 1626193368000

Only btw…. The largest AMC is probably worth more than all of the listed brokers combined. Or the greatest br… https://t.co/JjG1y2KCqi

– Radhika Gupta (@iRadhikaGupta) 1626193803000

I win heads, you lose tails

Veteran Dalal Street fund manager Basant Maheshwari said the market now appears to be in a sweet spot. “If there is no Covid, it rises, if there is a new Covid wave, it gets more impulses. Esko Bolte hai Dono Haath Mei Laddoo!”

The market seems to be in a sweet spot. If there is no COVID, it will rise, if there is a new wave of COVID, there will be more … https://t.co/Ad27okQUGl

– Basant Maheshwari (@BMTheEquityDesk) 1626353629000

Herd mentality

The independent market expert Sandip Sabharwal provided a very good example of how underperformers are excluded from discussions in the market. “The cryptocurrency buzz on social media has completely died out. It just shows that views follow price action and not the other way around. To make money you have to have the ability to do the opposite and then be patient, ”he said.

# Cryptocurrency buzz on social media is completely extinct …. this just shows that views are following price activity … https://t.co/DDGzPz6f4y

– sandip sabharwal (@sandipsabharwal) 1626365584000

Invest ideas

Sabharwal said that a rally in the largest stock in a sector usually leads to second and third line moves. “Look for opportunities in capital goods and infrastructure stocks as rallies.”

A rally in the largest stock in a sector usually leads to movements in the stocks in the second and third line. Take a look … https://t.co/2Oow530sBM

– sandip sabharwal (@sandipsabharwal) 1626323690000

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