Azealia Banks

TSR Prayers Up: Social Media Shows Support For Azealia Banks After Cryptic Messages

On Saturday night, Azealia Banks took to social media posting cryptic messages about suicide. In a series of posts that were also carried over to Sunday, she wrote:

"Yes, I think I'm done here. This pandemic, the extreme lack of social interaction, lack of intimacy, combined with constant public ridicule, make life harder than it is worth," she said.

After expressing that she was vulnerable on social media, she stated that she “does not beg for attention or ask for sympathy / empathy”. The artist also wrote: "My soul is tired."

Supporters used social media to show their support. One person wrote: "Please take the mental health of black women seriously, please, Azealia has expressed immense grief over the years and you take it as a joke, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH," wrote the Twitter user.

Another wrote: “Regardless of your opinion on Azealia banks, it is clear that she is not in the right mood to say such things and all I can suggest is pray for her … as a follower of you since 2 [0] 12 it's suffocating to read this, just triggers me so much [HEART EMOJI].

This happens just days after Banks shaves his head.

Please keep them in your prayers.

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