TSR Foodies: KFC Is Creating The World’s First-Lab Grown Chicken Nuggets

Chile, let KFC upgrade them chicken nuggets, in your life. KFC is creating the world’s first-lab grown chicken nuggets. If successful, this will be the first lab nugget made from animal cells.

According to Independent, the international food-chain has partnered with Russian biotechnology company, 3D Printing Solutions. The company produces bioprinters and materials for bioprinting, for a project titled “Meat of the Future.”

KFC hopes to receive the first test product by autumn of 2020. The firm is creating a different texture of the chicken nugget.

The Russian firm is developing an additive printing technique to recreate the “taste and texture” of natural chicken while keeping animal involvement to a minimum. Meanwhile, KFC will provide bread, spices and other ingredients to match the restaurant’s “signature” flavour.”

KFC claims its “biomeat” will remove the additives used in traditional farming and create a “cleaner final product”, adding that the lab-grown meat will also cut down on energy consumption and harm to animals.

Roomies, y’all feeding these chicken nuggets to your kids?