TSR Exclusive: Alleged side chick from Tommi Walker buys in a compromising position around alleged videos of him

We were approached today by an alleged side chick shopping video of # LeToyaLuckett's husband, Tommi Walker, who was allegedly in a compromising position.

We were able to watch the videos and the man in the video is very similar to Tommi Walker and even has a very similar tattoo on his leg that says “Ruby”.

The alleged side chick has two videos. A video shows a man who resembles Tommi who sleeps in a hotel room. There's a more explicit video that she claims shows the consequences of something inappropriate.

The woman is an IG model from Dallas, Texas. She claims that another woman was also with Tommi at a later date.

We decided not to share the videos for many reasons, but the source is motivated to take the videos to a news agency.