Trump clashes with NBC's Savannah Guthrie at the town hall meeting after the suspended debate

TSR Politics: That election, hell, this year was just wild. Just over a week before the end of the second presidential debate, Donald Trump said he had tested positive for Covid and canceled the debate.

Despite Trump claiming he was cured, former Vice President Joe Biden offered to virtually debate with Trump, and when he refused, the two held two dueling town halls that same night.

After Biden announced his town hall on ABC, Trump decided to bring his expenses to NBC and have town hall at just the right time.

Fast forward to Thursday night and Trump was really in the hot seat with NBC's Savannah Guthrie pushing him on the questions he wanted to dodge.

Every time Trump tried to talk about a question, Savannah would re-ask him and even check the facts live while Trump responded to questions from her and the voters.

At one point, Trump was asked about his initial failure to denounce white supremacy and then asked if he would oppose QAnon, a right-wing racist conspiracy theory movement.

You can see the clip of the tense exchange below:

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#PressPlay: Which town hall did you see tonight? Meanwhile, #Trump was asked about his QAnon supporters at NBC (📹: @nbcnews)

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At another notable moment from Trump's City Hall, he more or less agreed to the news that he owed more than $ 400 million. As he continued to work on it with Guthrie, Trump was asked about a report in the New York Times showing that he owed money to foreign companies.

"When you look at huge lots like me … the $ 400 million bill is a peanut, it's extremely underfunded … no big deal."

Obviously the town hall was quite interesting but hopefully everyone can bring it together so we can have one final final debate before election day. We'll keep you up to date.

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