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Treadmill races are the best sport to see on Thanksgiving

Well, it’s thanksgiving. You will see your beloved relatives, you will eat a meal that is good but not really good enough to be served more than once a year. You will get drunk in a hot room with a bunch of dozing uncles as the gloomy spectacle of a nationally televised Detroit Lions game roars on television. Or you could stick your nose in your phone and watch Spongebob fight Keekychow on a man’s treadmill.

Of course, seeing a can of tomato sauce against a Poké Ball, a fire truck, and a bottle of Gatorade isn’t as good as watching Lewis Hamilton try to come from behind to steal a title from Max Verstappen. But that’s not an option tomorrow. And don’t you care at least a little what type of tape can hang the longest? Start one of these races. I urge you to close the window before you know which object is the last to stand / roll. You can’t do it.

Maybe you have a smart TV, you can pull it up and make a few bets. Start your own little illegal sports gambling tradition in the comfort of your grandmother’s home! She will love it!

Here is the tape race:

It’s actually one of the few tape races. The silver tape is good!

When I posted this on Slack this morning, David said he really hopes this is this YouTuber’s main source of income. I hope that one day he’ll look over his vast estate, or walk through a warehouse that’s filled to the brim with valuable collector’s cars, and explain to someone in student loan debt that he made his fortune messing around with an old treadmill in his basement. Anyway, it definitely looks like he’s having fun.

There are enough of these on YouTube to keep you and yours occupied all day!

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