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Township agrees to contract with prescriber | News, sports, jobs

PENNSDALE – Muncy parish overseers agreed to hire an ordinance writer so the parish could establish autonomy from the county council.

The ward will sign Douglas Hovey, a seasoned ordinance writer, according to Tom Schaech, one of the ward’s overseers.

Schaech says Hovey has over 25 years of ordinance writing, drafting, and formatting experience throughout Pennsylvania and is well versed in land division and zoning ordinances.

“We’re going ahead with zone control and need to make an agreement with a certified consultant under Professional Services.” said Schaech. “The work will take several months, then we will have several hearings to get input and take them over to move local control forward.”

In other news, Schaech praised the community’s employees and the community’s fire brigade for cleaning gullies on Tuesday evening before bad weather.

“It was worth an hour to clean up and that’s it.” said Schaech. “Well done.”

In addition, an arriving Starbucks to be deployed at Crossings Plaza received approval under the zone approval process. This was followed by Dick’s Sporting Goods, which had applied for a new sign, Charles Zook for a food truck, and LMB Properties for a new garage.

Meanwhile, the community approved Greg Holmes’ building permit for a garage; Clifford Good is for a garage and storefront signs at Lycoming Mall.

Finally, Schaech reported that the township had filed a request to receive $ 1,988 from the county’s relief fund, derived from the Act 13 natural gas pollution charge that the township receives each year.

The supervisors will next meet on August 11th.

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