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Mayor requests extension for resettlement of town hall employees | News, sports, jobs

The City Bureau of Codes and the City Police’s Patrol Division are the two departments that remain in the condemned and largely closed City Hall.

Mayor Derek Slaughter said Monday he would ask for a brief extension.

The Monday target date was set by the Codes Department two weeks ago, and although it was missed, offices and rooms are not fully prepared for the code and patrol move.

“We pick up the people from the town hall” Slaughter said. “I’m going to ask Joseph Gerardi, the city council administrator, for a short extension, as he is technically responsible for the conviction.”

Gerardi said he had ordered the conviction for mold formation following water damage to a roof that leaked during summer storms in July.

Codes staff stayed in their offices on Monday, and the building’s side door was open to the public who needed approval or discussed issues with Codes officials.

The code offices are located in restored rooms on River Valley Transit, 1500 W. Third St., which are being prepared this week for the building and property law enforcement staff.

“We give the rooms a new coat of paint” said Adam Winder, general manager of River Valley Transit.

The image of the police patrol division remains fluid and incomplete, Slaughter said.

He said he and Police Chief Justin Snyder are considering what the best options are.

Slaughter refused to state what they would be until they were completed.

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