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Top News Miami Dolphins coordinators to speak to Jacksonville Jaguars ahead of week 6

The Dolphins are ready to turn the page and head to London for an overseas showdown with their Florida-based Jacksonville Jaguars. The coordinators reflected on Sunday’s game in Tampa Bay and how the lessons from the first five weeks can be instructive for the next leg of the 2021 season.

Co-Offensive Coordinator George Godsey

“There are a lot of things I see before the snapshot. As much as I can communicate with these guys, especially from above, I think will help them. properly aligned. I think that tightened things up a lot. I’ll leave it at that. “

In offensive line shuffling:

“I think there were some pieces that were honestly really impressive, and then some that we’d like to correct. I think Austin is working his way through a few things. He’s been making pretty big strides there in a week. Liam is will keep improving. Hopefully this group can maintain a certain consistency and cohesion. “

What Tua Tagovailoa must do when he comes back:

“For Tua it will be to be out there on the field again, to be crucial, to get that silent alarm back and really go back to where he built at the training camp and take it over from there.”

What Tua coaches need to see before playing on Sunday:

“It’s also a unique week as we travel and prepare for the London itinerary. But whenever there is an injury in one position, you want to see what happens if you hit or you are attacked, whether it is in a different position or not. We won’t be able to honestly find these things until game time, but for certain throws, to make sure he can knock a ball to the sideline if need be, show some touch over some linebackers, avoid movement in the pocket, that are obviously things that are going to happen during the game that you want to see in practice and hopefully they will come – whether it’s a game that is evolving, a defensive linemen that has an edge over an offensive lineman. They like it when these movements take place. It’s a bit different when there is no movement in what is happening just to make sure you have the functionality to do it when that happens. It’s always a tricky business with all injuries, but whether or not when he has the ball in his hand he makes those movements. We’re going to take it day in and day out this week and see if we can get to a place where we’re comfortable before the game. “

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