Tina Lawson Lets It Be Known That She Does Not Play About Her Daughters!

Tina Lawson has never been shy about how she feels about her baby girls Beyonce and Solange, but she’s letting it be known that she has them hands–in so many words.

Mama Tina reposted some throwback videos about her daughters speaking about how they feel about one another, and both of them say they’re willing to put the paws on someone for their sister, okay! While Solange explicitly says no one can “f*ck” with her sister, Bey kept it PG, saying “if anyone talks about my sister, I swear to you I’m ready to fight.”

Welp, Tina had her piece to say as well, and y’all know she had to rep Houston too!

“Sisterly Love the Hoston way,” she captioned the post. “And Mama will beat your a** about both!!!!”

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#PressPlay: Welp, the Knowles ladies said what they’re about, and Mama #TinaLawson went ahead and said her piece too! 👊🏽 #Solange #Beyonce

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Now y’all know the Beyhive has co-signed Solange having them hands after the incident with Jay-Z in the elevator, so we can only imagine it would be no different for Beyonce and Mama Tina if anybody messes with the family!

Do y’all think Mama Tina is about that life, Roomies? Let us know in the comments!

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